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LulaRoe Review – Is It a Good MLM Company?

By Pasi

January 23, 2021

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Company: Lularoe

Website: Lularoe

Founder: DeAnne Stidham

Recommended: Yes

Rating: 3/5


The clothing styles offer comfort without compromising the given style. The company is founded to create freedom, serve others and families, strengthening through its fashion styles. Moreover, it performs its activities to develop a community where there are improved lives through trust, love, purpose, confidence, and growth. Lularoe is a multi-level marketing company started in 2014. A fashion entrepreneur, DeAnne Stidham, founded it. The main aim of the company is to help people sell affordable, stylish, and comfortable clothing. It offers a good opportunity to fashion consultants who get improved standards of living from related activities. The company uses stretchy fabric in extraordinary patterns to make clothing styles.

The company’s clothing is sold through fashion retailers or consultants. The consultants hold pop-up parties in homes or on Facebook pages. This is intended to inspire people to look and feel great and earn more income. Lularoe is therefore present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Lularoe gives the entrepreneurial fashion retailers the freedom to make the sums of money they want to.  Financial freedom is attributed to the sale of affordable and stylish clothing. All this is directed to promoting unique communities through fashion promotion. A life of gratitude and purpose comes after creating a life you want.

Every individual is unique, powerful, and beautiful. Therefore, Lularoe seeks to promote people’s positive attitude to create a life they want through fashion. This will develop a community full of fellowship and love. This is an innovative business for fashion retailers. The retailers get the freedom of selling the products at their own schedule and pace. The kind of freedom that makes them explore and benefit from what they love.


Lularoe special features

  1. The fashion is ultimately comfortable- The Company produces unique and limited patterns and prints. Therefore, it has created a nationwide demand for its products. The Lularoe independent fashion consultants are on a great hunt nationwide. The main inspiration of the hunt is to get the favorite prints and patterns. Moreover, fashion offers clothes sizes and styles that embrace diversity. They can be dressed for the day to night looks.
  2. Lularoe offers personalized shopping– It is one of the pioneers in social retails. It is a fast-growing company in the United States. The independent fashion consultants often showcase their products through pop up parties in their designated communities and via social media platforms. This promotes the product live sales.
  3. Lularoe supports the work-life balance- The fashion offered by Lularoe enables families to work from home in the process of children nurturing. The independent fashion consultants can sell the products at their own pace from their homes. This allows them to use their entrepreneurial skills to promote their living standards. The kind of freedom offered ensures that the retailers achieve their goals with ease. To reach a retailer, visit the website, lularoe.com/retailer-map.
  4. It focuses on social setting- Lularoe’s goal is to take entrepreneurship to a new elevated level. The retailers are network marketers who have built their marketing skills and, therefore, huge sales. The social setting promotes the foundation of creativity and hard work. Every retailer is given the independence of being creative. They sell the product obtained from Lularoe at a marked price. The buying price from the company is a minimum price set by the company. The retailer has the opportunity to sell the products in their ways of specialization. They can sell through making inventory orders, selling products from home, and online marketing.
  5. Lularoe women’s focus– Lularoe produces stylish and comfortable clothing targeting every woman. It appreciates that diversity among women exists, hence producing clothing styles that suit every kind of woman. The women’s collection is made of clothing styles that are easy to wear and transition at any time of the day. The unique styles are dresses, denim jackets, skirts, and leggings of varied prints and patterns.
  6. Lularoe’s men focus- The men’s clothing styles offer the same special features as women’s lines. They are comfortable and of different styles that can suit various fashion designs. The men’s styles are t-shirts, button-downs, Henley’s, and denim jackets.

How to start Lularoe business

Lularoe employs a marketing strategy that enables a maximum sale of its products. It chooses fashion retailers that are competent in promoting the business. The retailers then form communities of shopping. The retailers connect with these shopping communities from a personal standpoint or online. A kind of relationship that is long-lasting and relevant in the modern days. The following steps are followed to become an independent Lularoe retailer:

  1. You choose your inventory- In the website under collection styles, you pick the collection you prefer. You can either choose skirts, dresses, leggings, tops or more. In placing your order, a variety of prints and patterns is made available. You can refresh your inventory regularly with new clothing styles that are launched.
  2. You receive a box full of the ordered product- The box contains the unique product in terms of prints and patterns. The pints and patterns are produced in limited amounts so that your choice of print and pattern is not flooded in the market. This promotes your customers’ trust in your products as they are different.
  3. You start selling– You are to start selling your products as soon as you receive your inventory. You become your boss. You can choose to sell your products in any way that you think would work for you. You can sell through the company’s point of sale, BLESS, or social media through network marketing. You also hold pop up parties to sell your products. The independence makes you run your business at your own pace.
lularoe review
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How do you get started as a Lularoe retailer?

You begin by purchasing your first inventory from Lularoe. The initial inventory costs $499. The initial inventory consists of 65 pieces. Lularoe supports independent retailers by offering the basics that enable them to achieve their business goals. Lularoe has created resources, training, and tools for the new independent retailers.

How to shop the Lularoe products

If your interest is to shop the fashion products from Lularoe, the procedure followed is different. You don’t have to order an inventory from the company, but your focus should be to obtain the retailers’ product. The following steps will help you shop for Lularoe products:

  1. Search for Lularoe independent retailers- Nationwide, the independent retailers are based in your location. You begin by searching for the retailers. The retailer location map given will help you locate the retailer in your area, lularoe.com/retailer-map. This helps you locate your retailer. You can also search the retailer by name.
  2. Connect with your Lularoe retailer- The retailers are always available to help you get the product of your choice. Their entrepreneurial skills teach them to be passionate and client-friendly, building trust from the customers. They will give you directions you need to follow to purchase your product.
  3. Do the shopping- After connecting with the retailers, they will direct you on how to shop. They can direct you to their home pop up parties or in-person shopping that are always fun. You can shop the Lularoe product from social media platforms. You can buy the products and sell them also by holding a shopping event online.


Why Lularoe?

Lularoe provides quality and modern products that suit modern life and clothing style. It also promotes a continuous improvement of quality to build customer trust and a lasting business relationship. The following are the reasons why you should choose Lularoe:

  • Lularoe believes in individuals’ potential to live better lives. Lularoe appreciates that every person is passionate, beautiful, and different, creating a life that you become proud of. It’s built on these characteristics that create powerful communities that are bond with gratitude and satisfaction.
  • Lularoe makes you; your own boss. You might not realize the essence of fashion. It is, however, fun and unique. It makes you look beautiful and expresses your creativity. Fashion is essential in improving living standards and strengthening families. Besides, Lularoe was created so that you can use your entrepreneurial skills and become your own boss. It provides you with the freedom to organize how to carry out your business.
  • Lularoe makes you focus on what is important- Today, life consists of busy schedules that may not allow you to be an entrepreneur. Changes are inevitable, and adapting to such changes requires you to employ the best strategy. Lularoe allows you to run the business the way you want while focusing on important things such as career and family. You will have more time to employ your best skills in ensuring your win in your business and other important aspects of your life.
  • Lularoe makes you live your best life. You create a community of customers and entrepreneurs. You can help other people write their own stories by enjoying what they have always wanted. This leads to powerful and confident individuals in the communities. The communities become a source of love and service. Lularoe initiates personal growth, and you become a leader. Your life becomes full of fun due to the endless connection of friends you have made.
  • Lularoe makes you achieve your dreams. Your dream of becoming an entrepreneur may seem far away from you. Lularoe helps you find a team of dedicated entrepreneurs that are ready to support you throughout your journey. Lularoe trains you, giving you the required resources for business promotion. You, therefore, take control of your life and how you spend your time.

Tips for Lularoe to work for you

Good fashion involves a combination of clothing styles that brings the best out of your creativity. The following tips will help you get satisfied with Lularoe fashion products:

  • Get your fashionable look by blending Lularoe products with your wardrobe. You might get excited that Lularoe completes your fashion journey. Your stylish move will also involve some addition of various clothe style s to Lularoe fashion. Lularoe pieces have spandex appearances and textures that will blend well when you mix and match with other fashionable clothes. Don’t wear Lularoe products alone. You also need to add accessories such as jewelry, scarves, and belts to get a complete fashionable look.
  • Avoid abstract and ridiculous patterns. This limits your outfit options. Use basic classic patterns that combine well with the rest of your clothes. Avoid the pieces that can only be worn plain. This will help you get the comfort that is intended by Lularoe. If you are good at color combination, then going for the colorful Lularoe pieces is the best move for you. But if you know you are not good at color blending, then the colorful pieces will only give you a headache.
  • Selectively choose classy, stylish pieces. Classy styles make you look beautiful and decent. It brings out the comfort in what you are wearing, giving you confidence. It eliminates the probability of people terming your dressing as crazy.
  • Choose the Lularoe pieces according to your body shape. The piece that looks good on your friend might not exactly look the same way on you. This is because your body shape might be completely different from your friend’s. Taking an honest such of what product suits your body shape will help you get the product that will make you look classy and creative. If you are a plus-sized, looser cut tops and pleated dresses and skirts will give you the best look. The piece of cloth will feel more comfortable when it is loose that holding tight.
  • Stick to the rules of perfect shopping. The rules guide you to get the product you want. A product that you will be proud of having spent your huge savings on. The rules are:
  • You need to love the piece.
  • The piece should perfectly fit you.
  • The piece should fall into your color palette.
  • The piece should be on your list of shopping.

These rules help you get satisfied with your purchase. You will be happy seeing your closet the exact way you wanted it.

lularoe review
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Does Lularoe have a warranty?

Lularoe offers 6 months limited warranty from the purchase date. It is given to the original retailer who sells the products in the United States. The product should be original, unmodified, unaltered, and defects in artistry and materials free. However, the limited warranty does not cover accidental damages. Accidents occur, and you cannot blame the company for coverage for the damages. Moreover, the warranty does not cover damages caused by negligence and improper care. Besides, extended use may lead to wear and tear damages and the natural breakdown of colors. The warranty does not cover such damages.

Requests under warranty should be made after determining that the company’s Happiness Policy covers your purchase. Your product is sent to the independent retailer, which inspects to determine if it is defective. Lularoe then replaces the product through the fashion retailer. The procedure of getting a new product after a defective first purchase is as follows:

  • You contact the independent fashion retailer from whom you purchased the product.
  • You are required to provide the product and the proof of buying the product. It can be the original receipt or a bank statement showing the purchase and identifying the authorized fashion retailer.
  • If the product qualifies under warranty, a similar product is sent to the fashion retailer’s address.
  • If a similar product is not in store, you are contacted by your retailer the alternate options. The options are, your product is replaced by a comparable one, or you are given a Lularoe gift card. The comparable product might not have the same print, art, or color as the original product. The gift card is for the price you purchased your product that is refunded.
  • You can as well claim a new product under the Lularoe warranty via lularoe.com/contact-us. You are supposed to complete the form given for your claim to be considered. This is mainly applicable when you cannot reach the actual fashion retailer you made the purchase. For further assistance, you can call 1(888)231-1412.

Does Lularoe have giveaways?

Lularoe initiates many people working together to produce the best outcomes. Its objective is to ensure that the products satisfy your needs in every way possible. This will enable you to be comfortable wearing the products giving you the confidence you need daily. If, after purchasing your product, it does not meet your expectations, Lularoe provides a solution that will help drive away your frustration. It gives giveaways in the form of prizes that are awarded to the winner.

lularoe review
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Positive comments

Lularoe is a fashion company that goes beyond just clothing. It focuses on both your looks and feelings. The various stories about Lularoe have been posted by clients whose lives have changed completely because of the company. Some have benefited from the inclusivity nature of Lularoe. It accommodates everyone who comes on board. This hence promotes your quest to achieve your goals.

Some are happy that they have been styled one by one by Lularoe.  It has promoted diversity that helps you get the product that looks good on you. The retailers have developed confidence that is essential in the business journey. The tools and resources provide have boosted each one, making the retailers successful. The shopping community has enabled the fashion retailers to connect with friends and new people who eventually become family. Some clients have stated how Lularoe has given them a chance to do their part. Through this, everything has become possible. The clients have expressed their gratitude to Lularoe for the hope it has instilled in them. They are certain that growth is their portion; therefore, they have embraced progress.

Pros of Lularoe

Lularoe products are popular nationwide. The following are advantages of Lularoe:

  • The products give you maximum comfort- Lularoe offers what you need for comfort. The mothers, for example, need to feel comfortable and stylish and the same time. The leggings, moreover, are of excellent quality and soft, giving you the best feeling.
  • The products’ material is of quality- You require no undershirt because Lularoe fabric is thick. The material is also wrinkle resistant hence a perfect choice for busy schedules. You can also wear lighter colors without needing and underwear.
  • Lularoe promotes a positive mission– It provides the freedom you need to meet your daily goals. As a consultant, it lessens your work. You only need to be creative enough to promote your business. It makes you focus on other important things in your life, like family. You can as well work from home with much ease.
  • The prints from Lularoe are unique- The Company produces limited prints and patterns. This ensures that the pieces you get are unique for every client.
  • Lularoe’s collection consists of basics- The prints and patterns make the basic clothing that can match well with the rest of your wardrobe. The pieces fit every size and shape hence promoting a universal use.
  • The prices for Lularoe products are relevant and affordable.
  • When you purchase an inventory wholesale, you get a 5% discount on eligible orders.
  • All orders have free ground shipping.
  • Lularoe provides the tools and resources you need to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.
  • The fashion gets updated regularly, so you cannot get your style flooded in the market.
  • You get your own home-based business. All the profits are channeled to you.

Cons of Lularoe

  • The leggings are too casual. They are not worn to official functions and settings.
  • You have to purchase the clothing hangers and closet.
  • Sales might be slow during the first days, but you can reap huge sums of profit if you are creative enough.

Bottom line

Lularoe allows you to decide on what you want. It gives you two alternatives. The first one is to be a Lularoe retailer. This will help you in your business journey. You can use your creative skills to create a community of customers essential in achieving your business goals. The second alternative is to provide quality products that are customer friendly. The products satisfy your clothing style needs. Visit the website and make your long term decision.

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