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12-minute Affiliate Review – Does he deliver?

By Pasi

July 19, 2021

In this 12-minute affiliate review, I want to tell you about this business as elaborately as possible. 12-minute affiliate is an online business created by Devon Brown. In this business, you have to sell products, and then you get a commission out of it. They have their products, so you don’t need to find any products on your own. It’s a Clickbank product. Clickbank is a top-rated affiliate network that is unfortunately full of scams and systems that don’t work. I will tell you if this system is an exception.

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as you might think

First of all, you need to know that affiliate marketing is not that easy as you probably think if you are new to this business. You need to do a lot of work or spend a lot of money on articles to get things to work. There are other ways to use paid traffic, which means that you don’t necessarily have to write that much. But they promise that you will get money in 12 minutes. That is a false promise. You would probably lose money if you used that system. I tell you why.

Lack of positive ROI% traffic

You need a good product to promote, and they have an excellent. It’s not necessarily a good product, but they have it. It might sell something, but the problem is traffic. You need a lot of high-quality traffic to make money from affiliate marketing. They tell you a traffic source that is just too expensive.

You won’t get positive ROI% if you use 50 cents to $1 per click. That is just too expensive for that product. You will not get enough sales with that traffic. That’s false promise number one. The number two false promise is “You will make money in 12 minutes.”

That is impossible with that system. They promise you the moon, but they are doing it as they want sales for their system. People don’t usually use that traffic for the product, so they won’t get any refunds. That is the reason why the product is still online.

One thing is good about the traffic. If you get leads, you can build your list, and you can get sales afterward. I don’t know whether that traffic is even legit, but if it is, you are creating your list, so leads will not go in vain.

Another reason is that that product is one of the best in Clickbank. Clickbank is full of crap products that won’t give you any value but take your time and money. Yes, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is good, but from my experience, I had to use it a lot. I started to use Clickbank when I was beginning an affiliate business.

Who is Devon Brown

Devon Brown is a pretty famous online marketer. He has many websites, and one of his websites, https://devonbrown.com, is about life coaching. Another business is a 12-minute affiliate. He has a considerable following that makes his job easy. He got enough traffic just from his other businesses to promote his online business. This business is not necessarily his primary business. He might have other businesses as well.

businesses as well.

Devon Brown


He used to be a hip-hop dancer, and now he does online and offline businesses. Even he has lots of followers, and his products are still not very good. As I already said, it’s almost impossible to make a profit with that business. You need to use another traffic source to make it work, and you still might fail.

Is it a scam?

I want to be honest in this 12-minute affiliate review. I want to say, “Yes, it is a scam,” but not a pure scam. My reasoning for that is that he makes false promises. He promises to make it happen in 12-minutes, and he promises that you will make money in a short period. I wish it would be that easy!

It is not a scam because you get your money back if you don’t like it for any reason. Just let Clickbank know, and they will make sure that you get your money back. I have always received my money back when I have purchased from Clickbank.

Another reason why I think it’s not a pure scam because you might get it to work with another traffic source. You can also promote the business itself like many do and earn money from that. People buy more than a product that you can make from the business itself, which is pretty funny.


12 minute affiliate

Is affiliate marketing a profitable business?

Yes, if you do it correctly. It’s not that easy as you need to manage many things. Still, it’s possible to make income with affiliate marketing, and many people make money as affiliate marketers. For example, I am writing this 12-minute affiliate review for the same reason – to make money online.

At the time of writing this article, I haven’t made any money from my site just yet. I have just started, and it takes time for articles to rank in search engines.

It takes time to get ranked, but when you get ranked, it’s passive income. Affiliate marketing is a profitable business, mainly if you use accessible traffic sources like Google or Youtube.

12-minute affiliate is an affiliate business model, and there is nothing wrong with it. You can read how people are hyped about affiliate marketing. They get money out of it, and it’s generally easy for them to do it.

Affiliate marketing itself is not that hard, but you need to do it properly, and it makes it hard as it takes experience to do something properly. You find lots of affiliate marketers, but only under 1% are successful. The rest of the people doesn’t earn what they have expected. That makes affiliate marketing hard.


The $9.95 initial price is just for 14 days. After that, you have to pay $47 per month or $97 per month, depending on the membership level.

Basic Membership

Monthly – $47

One-Time – $397

Gold Membership

Monthly – $97

One-Time – $797

They have two upsells.

Upsell 1

3x Your Results Blueprint


Upsell 2

Done-For-You Setup


12 minute affiliate

I show you affiliate reviews in this 12-minute, but not for free of cost. You need to invest some money to get started. This business doesn’t cost that much, but you still need to have some money to start. I recommend you to buy something else rather than wasting your money on this business. You get your money back if you are not satisfied, so you’re not losing anything if you’re giving it a try.

How does the system work?

  1. Create an account: That is a fast process. It takes a couple of minutes.
  2. Buy and set up an autoresponder: That is mandatory for this business model. They prefer Aweber, which I use myself as well. It’s a good autoresponder and costs around $20 per month. You need an autoresponder as you need to automate the email process. It will automatically send emails to you, and it will send them in time. You don’t have to do anything but set it up. After that, you have an automated money maker if you do it properly.
  3. Set up your funnel: You need to set up a funnel that you need to sell. They have a few different funnels like health, personal development, and online business. It would be best if you had a funnel as people buy from these kinds of websites. There are many kinds of funnels, and these kinds of funnels are the simplest ones. You won’t sell many products; you sell only one product, and you collect emails addresses and send emails to them later, and they might buy from you.
  4. Buy done for you service:  If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can buy their “done for you” package. They do it all for you, and you don’t have to do anything. Done for you service is best for people who don’t know what to do. If you are a complete newbie, you should get the “done for you” service. But if you use these kinds of services, you will never learn. So it’s up to you if you want to use these kinds of services.

      The worst part…

  1. Traffic: This is the wrong side of the business. They provide you costly traffic package, i.e., “done for you.” You will need to pay a lot, but still, you will not get many sales with that kind of traffic. I don’t recommend it. There are other types of traffic that you might use, like SEO and some paid traffic like Facebook or Youtube ads, but don’t waste your money with this kind of traffic. It’s not worth it.

Is Clickbank a good affiliate network?

I had used Clickbank many times when I started affiliate marketing. I tried to find something suitable, but there wasn’t ANY good product for me, to be honest.

Clickbank is full of scammers who want to make money out of products that don’t work in practice or are not very good for people who want to be honest. There is always something terrible. There are only a few products that are suitable to use out of thousands. That is the reason why I don’t recommend Clickbank.

Issues with 12-minute affiliate 

  • No training – You don’t get any training whatsoever. That is a problem for newbies who would like to know how to use the system, especially if they are total newbies about affiliate marketing. It would be good to have some training about autoresponder and affiliate marketing in general. You don’t get it from them.
  • Not for newbies: This program is not suitable for newbies. Even autoresponder can be a problem for newbies, and they don’t know how to set it up. Also, without training, they don’t know what to do with the system.
  • Competition: You will likely see massive competition if you use their funnels as all people promote the same thing. It might be good if the system is editable, but the templates are identical, so you can’t make any significant changes. That creates competition very high, which is not good.

What I like about the 12-minute affiliate

  • I like that the business model is ok. You can make money with affiliate marketing. That’s why I am writing this article for you. I don’t do it as a hobby, but more as a job. I get paid when I write articles for people like you.
  • The business model itself works. You need to do it properly. I don’t say that there are no people who have made money with it. I don’t know. I tell you from my experience that this will not work. It’s common sense. You need to have a better traffic source than they are serving.
  • I like a money-back guarantee: This is good business. They provide you money back if you don’t like it, and that is 100% guaranteed. You don’t lose anything if you want to try the system. So go ahead, try it but don’t cry if it doesn’t work for you.

What I don’t like

  • I wouldn’t say I like that they scam people with false promises and that they provide business that doesn’t work in practice.
  • I don’t particularly appreciate that they are giving magic products. That was a red flag for me, which is one reason I don’t want to promote them.
  • I don’t like that they provide fast promises. You can’t do it in 12 minutes as it is just impossible. Even setting up an autoresponder in Aweber takes hours. You will not get your business up and running in 12 minutes.
  • I hate Clickbank products. As I already said, Clickbank products don’t work! I have tried several Clickbank products, and I have to say that 99.9% is pure garbage. Don’t buy anything from Clickbank. Please stay away from it. You will not find many suitable products from there.

12 minute affiliate

What should you do instead?

I have to say that it’s tough to find good business online. There is just so much crap. I have done days of research to find the perfect product, and you know what, I can say that I couldn’t find any. But I found good enough products to promote.

You can start to write reviews like this 12-minute affiliate review. You will get an education on how to do it properly. They are a university of affiliate business. They have been in the industry for many years, and they know what they are doing. They provide some value, and there are thousands of thousands of people who promote them.

Join my newsletter, and I will send you the link for the business and some information about it. You can join for free and buy premium if you like it. It’s not that expensive, and you can get affiliate commission out of it.

I can also say that there are not that many possibilities to do online business without experience. You need to be an expert, and then you can find jobs online, but if you are a newbie or not very experienced like I am, your choices are few. Sure, there are lots of jobs online, but it’s not that simple. You can find an online job quickly, but do you make money with it?

Don’t waste money on scams!

Don’t waste your time with scams. I can say that this product is not a good fit. I would have used it myself if it were a good product. I was considering it many times but decided not to promote it as I would not use the product itself.

If you don’t like to write, then you can outsource writing. You can hire writers from places like Fiverr or Upwork, and they do the work for you. You risk as if you don’t get ranked; you have just wasted our money in vain as your articles are useless. For that reason, I highly recommend learning keyword research properly. It would be best if you had tools like Ahrefs to make it happen. It’s a pretty expensive tool, but it’s worth every penny.

Is writing reviews like this 12-minute affiliate review profitable?

Yes, it is. You need to do it once, and you will get passive income soon as you start to get traffic. That is the reason why so many people write reviews. People write honest reviews, and people write dishonest reviews. There are lots of different kinds of reviews. It’s harder to find unbiased reviews. That is an honest 12-minute affiliate review of my opinion, and I get paid for it.

I have to warn you that you will not get any money if you don’t do it properly. For that reason, I prefer you to study first and then start to write or outsource. I wrote tens of articles in vain as I didn’t know what I was doing. I thought that I could write anything, but that is not the case. You need keyword research before you do anything.

Otherwise, you do it in vain. Also, you need to have backlinks if you want the number one spot in Google, which is another big challenge. But in general, writing articles is one of the best ways to make money online. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

Final thoughts

Maybe, I have helped you avoid this scam after you have read this 12-minute affiliate review. You don’t want to waste your money and time on this kind of scam. You can join my newsletter, and I can offer you better options. I assure you that it’s not a scam, but it’s not perfect either. I’m in the business, and I can prefer it to you as well.

Affiliate marketing is something that you should do if you want to make money online. There are some other ways to make money, but affiliate marketing is one of the easiest, and you can learn it.

I don’t prefer you to promote something that gives you false promises. You want to do honest business as it’s good, to be honest, and people will sort it out if you are dishonest sooner or later, and it’s not good for the long run in any way.

Hopefully, you liked my 12-minute affiliate review, and please make a comment and let me know what you think about this business and affiliate marketing in general. Let me know if you have any questions.




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