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Adf.ly Review – Is it a Scam or Legitimate?

By Pasi

June 26, 2021

In this adf.ly review, we will determine if the website AdF.ly is safe to use, if it can make people money worth their time, or if it is just another scam website.

What is AdF.ly?

I will tell you in this adf.ly review what is adfl.ly and why you should probably find another way to make money. With AdF.ly, you can shorten URLs and make money online as the company earns advertising revenue for you. You only need to copy their links and post them elsewhere on the web or social media, and you earn money for every click and view.

When people click on an advertisement, the shortened links redirect them. So before they can skip the ad and head to the website they’re supposed to go to, they have to wait for a few seconds.

The shortened link contains ads from advertisers, and people who click the link will see these ads. So by signing up for AdF.ly, users can already start earning money by shortening their links and sharing them.

How People Earn Money From AdF.ly

Publishers are the ones who make money on AdF.ly. You and publishers are paid half of the revenue from advertising. You can earn as little as $0.20 or as much as $2.50 per click and view of your shortened link.

However, AdF.ly doesn’t stop there, as they have a referral program to help their members make more money. It won’t pay you to persuade other people to sign up because it’s free.

When you invite people, you earn money too. Upon referral, AdF.ly will pay you 20% of the total earnings of your referral. So if the person you referred earned $10 for a week, you will also be making 20% of that, or $2.

Referral programs are designed to increase people’s shortening URL links and promote and increase publisher earnings.

Additionally, AdF.ly promises that the 1,000 views will all be unique within 24 hours, all viewers will use JavaScript and cookies, and the ads will be viewed for at least 5 seconds.


Who Uses AdF.ly

The more you read this adf.ly review, the more you realize that both publishers and advertisers use AdF.ly. Publishers shorten URL links and promote those AdF.ly links on other websites or social media sites.

In contrast, the advertisers are the ones who provide the links with advertisements, which are the primary source of revenue for the website. Companies and individuals can advertise on AdF.ly in a variety of ways.

AdF.ly allows both global viewings of the ads, meaning the advertisements will be seen by people worldwide, and a targeted audience, where the ads will appear only in certain countries.

A company or individual can buy views from us via the advertising option on AdF.ly. Depending on the target country in which people or companies wish their ads to appear, they charge anything from $0.40 to $5 for 1,000 views.


 Why You Should Sign Up to AdF.ly

As you have a general idea of what AdF.ly is, it is now time to discuss the website’s good and bad. So firstly, let’s talk about what’s good.

  1. Probably one of the best things about AdF.ly is that it is straightforward to use. When it comes to shortening the URL link and promoting them, the website interface is easy to navigate, and there isn’t much of a learning curve.
  2. Also, it is easy to sign up, as people need to enter their name, email address, and password and then choose whether to be a link shrinker or an advertiser.
  3. Additionally, it is a good way for people to earn decent money, especially those already familiar with digital marketing. To build their audience base and learn the ropes of digital marketing, they will have to work hard at first and be patient.
  4. AdF.ly has the potential to generate money automatically. You will continue to earn money as long as people click the links you promote, even after months or years have passed.
  5. Also, the minimum payout is only $5, so reaching that amount should not be too difficult, especially if you already have experience with digital marketing and how to promote links properly.
  6. You can also make money fast with the referral program. All you need to do is help your recruit learn the ropes so he or she can also earn money from AdF.ly. In addition to making money from them, you will also earn money from them.
  7. Various tools are available on the website that can help people, whether link shrinkers or advertisers, make the most of AdF.ly and accomplish their goals.
  8. It is pretty useful for shortening long URLs.

Who Uses AdF.ly

AdF.ly is used by both publishers and advertisers. Publishers shorten URL links and promote those AdF.ly links on other websites or social media sites.

In contrast, the advertisers are the ones who provide the links with advertisements, which are the main source of revenue for the website. Companies and individuals can advertise on AdF.ly in a variety of ways.

AdF.ly allows both global viewings of the ads, meaning the advertisements will be seen by people all over the world, and a targeted audience, where the ads will appear only in certain countries.

A company or individual can buy views from us via the advertising option on AdF.ly. Depending on the target country in which people or companies wish their ads to appear, they charge anything from $0.40 to $5 for 1,000 views.

Features of AdFly

  • Innocuous advertising

AdFly is family-friendly, with no pop-up ads. 24/7, its powerful antivirus and malware servers scan and monitor the advertisements.


  • Advertisers

Advertisers are paid for actual visitors to your website. With their fraud filtering system, they ensure high-quality traffic. Ad campaigns start at just $5.

  • Low Marginal Payout

Before you get paid, you only need to earn $5. All users are paid through PayPal or Payoneer only.

  • Statistics

You can see detailed stats for each link to find out how much you’ve earned by referring to URLs and countries. 

  • API

API that enables your website, widget, or application to generate AdF.ly links immediately and securely.

  • Website Scripts

The AdFly scripts are simple to install so that you can get paid for every visitor who comes to your website.


  Where to Share These links?

As stated in this adf.ly review, links to AdFly can be shared online in many places to maximize click-throughs without being spammy. Below is a list of places where AdFly shrined links can be shared:

  • Accounts on social media

If you are very active on all your social media accounts and have a strong fan following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., you will get more clicks on your AdFly links.

The links on this page are entirely legal and are not blocked on any social media channel. This case pertains only to spamming others with those links.

Share your URLs on social media with eye-catching text because bare links look unprofessional and aren’t clickable. If the attractive links are shared with your friends, family members, or friends of your friends, then they may further share them with their friends, making it a double treat for you. 

Social media platforms provide a more extensive coverage due to the fact that you already know the preferences of your followers and friends and share the websites which they might find interesting.

It is important that you have a social media presence with a large number of fans in order to make your campaign successful. 

  • Forums

Whenever you are answering questions on a forum, shorten any website URLs with AdFly and integrate them into your post or content.

Don’t spam; otherwise, your account will be terminated. Forums have their own set of rules and regulations, and those who don’t follow them are banned.

Popular forums include Quora, Reddit, Stack Overflow, IGN, 4Chan, Nexopia, etc.

  • Blogs and Websites

Although websites and blogs work better for getting more clicks, the process is also time-consuming. This is because you have to first create a blog with a specific niche and then generate quality content in bulk.

Getting ranked on search engines and establishing your blog or website might take months. 

With an AdFly link shortener, you can monetize your pages, links, or posts if you already have a blog or website with lots of engaging content. 

  • YouTube

Today, you will find a lot of websites with breaking news or strange videos of celebrities, politicians, children, and youth. Using the proper titles, tags, and information to attract viewers, you can find potential videos and news and share them on your YouTube channel.

When the video starts getting views, insert the AdFly shrunk link to that viral video. Before they see the viral videos, your audience will surely watch the five-second advertisement. 

Shortened link sharing is an effective way to increase traffic. 


Why You Should Avoid AdF.ly

 I will tell you in this adf.ly review if you should avoid adfl.ly. There are, however, some drawbacks and issues with using AdF.ly as well.

  1. The main issue with AdF.ly is that it is blocked on some websites. Since there are too many people posting AdF.ly links, these websites have banned the use of the association.
  2. Since some AdF.ly members spam their links, many people are using AdF.ly skippers on their websites to avoid those annoying ads.
  3. Additionally, AdF.ly is banned in some countries, making it difficult for people living in those countries to sign up and use the website or for advertisers to reach their target audiences.
  4. In addition, people may receive malware or adware from shortened links. AdF.ly is not directly responsible for the attacks, but the advertisements they display are. For this type of problem to be avoided, advertising material must be reviewed more thoroughly.
  5. Also, it is almost impossible to contact AdF.ly’s customer service. It is hard to contact them, and they take a long time to reply to support tickets.
  6. AdF.ly is actually difficult to earn money from if you don’t have any experience with digital marketing. To earn a decent income from affiliate marketing, you can’t just promote the link in forums and social media accounts.
  7. Furthermore, AdF.ly can malfunction, rendering the shortened link useless as the website that hosts it is down. The link won’t function properly, so it’s hard to promote it.

Is AdF.ly a Scam?

AdF.ly is a legitimate website that shortens long URL links and also offers a way for people to earn money. The website works and functions, and it has done so since 2009.

It is estimated that the company has more than 4 million users and has already paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars (probably even more) to members. It has millions of members, it has existed since 2009, and it has already paid out money to its members.

AdF.ly’s longevity alone excludes it from the scam list, as dubious websites don’t usually last more than a year. Don’t be afraid when someone invites you to join AdF.ly because it has the potential to help you earn money.

As long as you work on it, AdF.ly is legit, and it can make you money.


Is AdF.ly Recommended?

I will say in this adfl.ly review if adfl.ly is recommended. Let’s move on to a more critical question about AdF.ly, now that we know it’s legit. Can they be recommended? Read on to find out what I have to say.

The company was founded in 2009, and the website offered to shorten long URLs and earn money at the same time. Easy to do as well and simple to use and sign up; therefore, people don’t have to spend a lot of time learning how to use the interface or fill out lengthy application forms just to become a member.

AdF.ly also seems easy and straightforward to use, as users would need to share their shortened link and have others click it to earn money. However, it is getting harder and harder for people to make decent money from the website as time goes on.


One of the main reasons for this is that many people are becoming annoyed by the advertisements that are associated with shortened links. It resulted in websites banning AdF.ly links and using plug-ins or software that would bypass the AdF.ly link and take visitors directly to the website.

Right now, advertisement blockers are also becoming a big thing since many people are already tired of being constantly bombarded by advertisements. 

As a result, achieving a decent standard of living will become even more challenging.

Adf.ly Might Get Banned

As it is only a matter of time before more websites ban AdF.ly, and ad blockers are not going away, I don’t recommend them. Even though AdF.ly has a great income potential, the way things stand right now, it is hard to imagine making a decent living from it.

There are a lot of better ways to make money out there. Furthermore, since AdF.ly’s links always contain advertisements, it can’t be used solely as a URL shortener. So people still can’t use them solely for that purpose.

Adf.ly for advertisers

I have experience of adf.ly traffic. It’s not the most significant traffic, but it’s very cheap. You can get traffic from $1 1k visitors (Worldwide), and the best traffic is USA traffic which costs $5 per 1k visitors. 

From my experience, I can say that my capture pages got subscribers, but these never converted to sales. I don’t say that the traffic doesn’t work, but it didn’t convert for me. You can try, for example, with $20 and see if it works for you.

I have seen cases where a customer bought like $200 worth of traffic and didn’t get it all, but only like $150 cost of traffic. So, be careful.

Is there a better way to make money than adf.ly?

I assume in this adf.ly review that you need a better way to make money online. So, yes, you can join my newsletter and tell you a completely free method to make money online. You can earn over $100 per sale, and it’s a done-for-you system.



As stated in this adfl.ly review, you may need an additional source of income if you work in an office job. In addition, if you are an affiliate marketer, you may need to make income on different platforms. You can monetize a social media account, blog, or website with a large audience with AdF.ly and earn extra income. Reviewers gave the review a good rating. Now it’s your turn to start making more money in 2020. 




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