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Atomy Review – Is it a good fit?

By Pasi

January 28, 2021

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Company: Atomy

Founder: Han- Gil Park

Website: Atomy

Rating: 3/5


Atomy is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company founded in 2009 in South Korea. The company deals with the marketing of health and personal care supplements. As a network type of marketing, apart from the individual care and health products, it also offers many other products. The founder of the company is Han- Gil Park. Although the company was founded in South Korea, at the moment, it is based in Federal Way, Washington.

It is based not only in Washington but also in more than 13 nations around the globe. Its main goal is to distribute its products globally. The major goal corresponds to its purpose of giving a chance to everyone so that they become “own bosses.” The company does this by giving every member a chance to sell the company’s products. Besides, it gives each member the opportunity of forming their own team of customers.

The company’s development was motivated by the culture in South Korea. South Korea has been known worldwide for years to be a beauty and fashion base. Moreover, the company has named the cosmetics and beauty sector from Korea K-Beauty. Become a member of Atomy through enrollment as a representative. Then you are allowed to upgrade from being a registered member to being an Atomy’s distributor. Access the company’s official website through www.atomy.com or www.atomymagic.com (contains products majorly).

Below is an honest review to help you understand the MLM Company better. It answers all the questions you need to be answered.

What specific products are offered by Atomy?

Understanding the products the company deals with will help you make an informed choice before registering as a member. Atomy offers a variety of products. Actually, no MLM company has successfully competed with it in terms of the range of products it offers.

  • The most popular category of products by Atomy is the personal care and cosmetic products. The category involves products such as Atomy skincare 6 system, body and hair set, HemoHIM, a flagship product, and Evening care-4 set. The products mentioned are popular because Atomy advocates for skin care and other personal maintenance using natural products. Atomy’s skincare set consists of lotions, toner, eye complex, serum, nutrition creams, and ampoule. The skincare set has the following benefits:
  • It gives you glowing skin.
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Helps prevent the formation of wrinkles.
  • Makes your skin firm.
  • Moisturizes your skin.
  • Provides nourishment to your skin.
  • The other category is Health and wellness products or supplements: Products that promote good health and wellbeing.
  • Household products: They include detergents, food items, premium tea and coffee, kitchen space products.

To purchase the products listed above, you need to register as a member. Registration to be a member is free. You only need to find an already registered member to obtain the referral code.


Atomy review

How Atomy works

Atomy deals in a variety of products. The products range from those meant for personal maintenance, health care, and household hygiene products. The products produced need to be sold to the consumers. Most MLMs sell their products by advertising and marketing. In contrast, Atomy sells its products by encouraging new members to promote the business by selling the products. The registered recruits meant to sell the company’s products are called Atomy distributors. The distributors are allowed to employ personal skills in the sale of products. It means that they can work from home in their own time.

How can you make money with Atomy?

Atomy gives you two ways you can use to make money.

  1. A commission from the sale of Atomy’s products. Here, after registering as a member. You can become a distributor. You are given the company’s products to sell. From every sale you make, you earn some amount of money termed as a commission. The higher the products you sell, the higher the commission. The higher the commission, the higher the income.
  2. Referrals– As a member, you are also allowed to invite people to join you. When new members join you via your referral code, you earn bonuses after making Atomy’s products sales. This method of earning is not simple as it looks. You can only earn money when new members sell the products. You cannot earn directly after a new member has joined you without having sold any products.

The cost of joining Atomy

No cash needed to be a member of Atomy. Join as a member anytime for free. You can promote the company’s products without wasting any cash. Other MLM companies require you to register at a fee to become a member. Hence, Atomy gives the best opportunity to enjoy purchasing its products and building a business base. It could help you sharpen your entrepreneurial skills hence see you achieve your long term goals.

Are there any additional costs to be aware of?

Even though registration to be a member is free, Atomy requires additional costs.

  • The monthly cost- As a sales representative, you need 10,000 Personal Volume points per month to remain active. In simpler terms, you can only remain active as a salesperson in Atomy if you sell above $20 of the company’s products. Although compared to other MLMs, it is lower, it good to be aware.
  • Marketing, packaging, and training costs- You also need to sell the products via your website or social media. All of which will require you to spend some extra cash. You also need to pack the products you are selling. The process incurs some costs. You will also need to train the recruits. It may mean to spend some additional costs.

Are you assured of earning with Atomy?

The essence of joining an MLM company is to make money. You focus on making a lot of cash to sustain yourself. Making a lot of money will make you feel that you are moving a step forward and not stagnated. There is a possibility of making money with Atomy, but only a few individuals are successful. The few successful individuals are full-time entrepreneurs and salespersons. They do well by having a huge team of followers that buy the products they sell.

Moreover, since you can earn through referrals, those who joined earlier as members are the ones who mainly benefit. Those at lower levels find that the structure is saturated. They, therefore, cannot earn through referrals. Moreover, you cannot directly earn money when new members join you. They have to sell the products so that you get the bonuses. Hence, you can earn money with Atomy, but a small percentage of people make money out of it.

Is there a compensation plan?

Many MLM companies have compensation plans that are way too different from Atomy offers it. The company uses a binary type of compensation plan. The plan does not suit for all members since they cannot benefit from huge bonuses. This is how the compensation plan works:

  • You join as a distributor, and you are placed at a top rank. You invite new members to join you, and they are position either at your right or left side.
  • The compensation plan is driven by point values you earn, which becomes your income.
  • You can get Personal Volume (PV) by the products you purchase and those purchased by your recruits (Group Volume). The points accumulate from both your left and right leg.
  • The leg that makes high PV is called a larger point leg, and the other with lower PV is called a smaller point leg.

The plan is not a favorable one since many members have one smallest leg, and they never benefit from huge bonuses.

Where to buy Atomy’s products

The company allows purchases and sales to be made on the official website. However, the products are everywhere. They are available on online product outlets such as Lazada and Amazon. Members of Atomy sell the products through such outlets. Sometimes they are unaware of the policy they are violating. The outlets sell the products at high prices. The approach affects Atomy’s distributors. The sales lower, and the distributors do not get expected benefits. Besides, buying the products from the official website helps you in two ways:

  • You are assured of a legit product right from its source- This helps you avoid frustrations such as getting an expired product.
  • You avoid falling into traps of counterfeit websites that claim to be selling the products. It helps you avoid fake products that may have huge negative effects on you.

Steps to directly purchase a product from the official website

You should strictly follow the following steps to purchase a product from the official website:

  1. Atomy membership ID- For you to be eligible to make orders, you have to be a member. If you are not a registered member, registration is free at atomyguru.com. After registration, you will get a membership ID.
  2. Proceed to the official website for your country. The countries are listed, so you choose yours. You then click the login button, where you enter your ID plus password.
  3. You will be logged in to the site where you make your order and see your commissions. To order a product. Proceed to the shopping mall and click on the product you want to check.
  4. When shopping is complete, all the products are placed in the cart by clicking Buy all now or shopping cart.
  5. Fill the form for making an order, and click the continue button.
  6. Fill the payment details and click Check out now.
  7. You get free shipping to your country when you purchase products worth $150 in the USA and products worth $180 in Canada.

Do not blindly order any product without looking at the countries that have Atomy stations. Choose where you will get your product carefully to avoid any mistakes.

Reasons why you should buy products from the official website.

When you buy Atomy’s products from the official website, you are entitled to the following:

  • The price for the purchase of products is reasonable and affordable. The other online retail sites buy products from Atomy’s official website. However, they elevate the prices so that they get huge counts of profits.
  • After buying from the official website, you accumulate your PV for the product purchased. The PV helps you earn a commission. The commission is a forever assurance for all members.
  • You get legit products. They have a long life span, and they are genuine for their uses.
  • In case a product does not provide the results it claimed, you get a refund of the purchases. You are given a 100% money-back guarantee. Therefore, you are certain that if the product does not work, they will refund expenses used.
Atomy review
Man points MLM map

Is Atomy a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme type of company works so that the registered members earn by recruiting other new members to join them. In such companies, members do not earn by selling services or products. The companies that work in such a manner are illegal in some countries. The reason behind such restriction is that not all people will benefit from such a structure. However, in Atomy, the company’s distributors earn money by selling Atomy’s legit products. Besides selling the products, the members earn money through the recruitment of new members to the company. The kind of method employed makes Atomy to be termed as a pyramid type of business in disguise.

Is success assured in Atomy?

In fact, a large percentage of registered people in MLM companies experience losses. Atomy is no exceptional. One reason being its lack of disclosure of income. Other MLM companies, however, disclose their income. Therefore, in Atomy, it is hard to explain if members benefit or fall within ranges of success.

The positive thing about the company is related to its monthly quotas of sales. It has high monthly sales quotations hence remains active in all seasons. This helps members in avoiding huge losses as experienced in other related companies.

Is Atomy a scam?

Atomy is an MLM company  progressively makes steps forwards due to its products. The products by Atomy are legit. The sale of the products gives the distributors huge profits. The distributors who reap a lot from Atomy understand the hidden hacks of making a lot of money from selling products.

The products by Atomy are real products backed by scientific procedures. Besides, an example of a product that is sold in governmental projects is the Flagship. The products are FDA registered. However, the products don’t need to be FDA registered, but the company has taken the initiative to ensure legit products are produced. Atomy distributors are paid for their services. Moreover, customers get refunds when their products do not produce the expected results. It is, therefore, no scam.

Positive and negative comments

Many customers of Atomy have stated that the products have helped them attain their long term goals. Due to its growth and progress to over 10 countries, people access the products with ease. They further look forward to the company’s expansion to many other countries. However, the distributors have complained about their unsatisfactory earnings. They are not trained well and end up stagnated.

What are the pros of Atomy?

  1. Atomy has been in existence for a long time now. It is hard for an MLM company to survive more than 10 years. Atomy saw its light in 2019. The business has been improving progressively, a great sign for customers. It is also a sign that proves the company to be legit in its services. Besides, it gives you the morale of joining it without fear of it disappearing.
  2. The company’s product reviews have been positive– When people who have used the company’s products leave positive comments, then the company is legit. Many users of Atomy’s products have expressed positive reviews about the products. The products perform the uses they claim. However, the many positive reviews may be from distributors who want to sell the products. It is important to find reviews from actual Atomy customers.
  3. Atomy has been stable over time. Atomy has been the company that has many people doing searches about its products and services. In fact, people have been searching for it every month since 2009. The trend shows that the company sells the products that are mostly demanded by people.
  4. It is free to join Atomy- You don’t register as a member with cash. It is free to join and be part of a team in Atomy.
  5. Low maintenance costs- The Company requires low costs for you to remain active when compared to other MLM companies. You only need $20 purchases every month to remain active. It is a sign that the company is a legit one.
  6. Atomy sells products backed by science. They, therefore, contain natural ingredients that help you attain the results they claim.

Cons of Atomy

  1. The products are expensive- The prices are high, making you suspect that it is a pyramid scheme in disguise. For instance, Atomy cream costs $16.99 while an amazon cream costs $9.39. The products are similar, but the price differences are questionable. It is nearly impossible to double the price of a product that you know where to find a cheaper similar alternative.
  2. Atomy has hidden monthly fees- For a distributor to stay active, you have to sell products worth $20 every month. The statement also applies to if you want the monthly bonuses and commissions. When customers realize they are paying a lot of cash to Atomy products, they shift their orders. You will realize that the distributors become customers for the products.
  3. Atomy is a pyramid type of business in disguise– For distributors to avoid monthly losses of money, they have to invite new members.
  4. Atomy does not disclose its income- Unlike most MLM companies, Atomy does not give a clear picture of its distributors’ earnings. It means that the company is not open and transparent in its dealings. The figures in the structure can be impressive, but they are actually out of guesswork.
  5. Atomy does not offer online training about marketing– For you do reap much from Atomy, you have to understand the basics of network marketing. You need skills to know how to win people to join you. It is an important aspect of every MLM company. However, Atomy ignores the important aspect that could help its members. Training helps you to be creative in a unique way. Doing things being done by people normally will give you normal results.
  6. The compensation plan denies the members a reasonable income.

The cons almost weigh over the pros. Make an informed choice by making a reasonable comparison. It will help you get the right business opportunity and the exact products that work for you.

Bottom line

Atomy is a Multi-level marketing company based in the US. The products it deals in are legit. They have been backed by science hence proven to be effective for their intended use. It works by offering people a chance to be creative at their personal level to make maximum profits from selling products for the company. Compared to other MLM companies, Atomy contains many products that are mostly demanded by customers worldwide.

The users of the company’s products have published positive comments expressing gratitude to the company. The products have been effective and efficient in the results they claim. It offers free membership registration, unlike other companies. The method employed to buy its items from the official website has advantages as described above.

However, before you join Atomy, you need to understand how it works before you start cursing. As a network marketing company, sometimes people fail to understand how to maximize their earning chances and become frustrated. You, therefore, have to reread the whole review. It will help you understand your chances of earning the amount of money you want. It is also good to go through the pros and cons to make an informed choice of either becoming a member or not.










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