Can Blogging Make You Money? – YES, Absolutely!

In this can blogging make you money article I’ll tell you that the idea of being able to earn money from blogging is ideal. You not only get to work on your own and avoid the workday routine and work from home, but you can blog from any place across the globe on the subjects of your choice. Although it’s a lot of work, however, it’s totally achievable for all, including beginners, if you follow the right method.

The first step naturally the first step is to start an online blog. Following that, you’ll need to increase the number of people who visit your blog to eventually make profits from it.

You may be seeking a side job or you’re looking to earn money from blogging, this guide will provide concrete steps in how to create your own blog and then how to grow your audience and increase the number of people who visit your blog. You’ll also learn about the tools that you can utilize to turn your blog’s traffic into income.


How to earn money blogging in only 10 steps

  1. Choose a profitable niche
  2. Scale your blog content
  3. Create a name for yourself
  4. Grow and promote
  5. Include a link to your blog in your advertisement
  6. Pay-per-month subscriptions are available.
  7. Sell products
  8. Be an affiliate
  9. Write content that is sponsored
  10. Offer consultancy services

How much could you make by blogging?

Before we go into the steps needed to make money from blogging we’ll talk about the amount you could make.

What is the maximum amount you can make blogging as a novice? Earning a steady income by blogging is more feasible than you think. The finance blogs like Millennial Money report that after just two years of gaining readers and traffic bloggers could earn more than $100,000 per year. Even in one year of blogging, they are able to easily make between $500 and $2,000 every month.

Let’s examine a few illustrations of the study on bloggers who are successful:

As you can see, there is many different income levels you can make  a blogger. Beyond the figures There are a few crucial points to keep in mind prior to starting:

  1. The possibility of earning money blogging is real and achievable for any person.
  2. There are many ways to earn money from blogging.
  3. Bloggers who have succeeded often employ several similar strategies to earn money.

Let’s break this into smaller pieces and then discuss the specifics of what these strategies actually are.

How to earn money from blogging Part 1: Create your online presence

Before you can start earning money, you’ll have to begin with a blog and increase your readership. Imagine it as follows: more visitors to your blog is more revenue.

Blogging: Monetize Your Blog

Earn money starts with selecting the right blogging niche and promoting your blog. Here’s how:

01. Choose a profitable niche

If you’re starting your first blog you’re likely asking yourself: What topic should I blog about?

Before you start writing, it is essential to select a topic. Choose a broad topic for your blog so that you can concentrate on a particular area and draw a specific crowd of followers.

When picking your topic It’s crucial, to begin with your interests – after all, you’ll devote much of your time and energy to this area. If you’re serious about earning money through blogging, you should think about topics that people would be fascinated by and will eventually be financially sustainable.

In that light There are three things you must think about when choosing your blog’s niche:

  1. What are my hobbies?
  2. Who is my target potential audience?
  3. What topics can be profitable?

Question 1. What are my main interests?

To ensure that your blog’s efforts last in the long run it is essential to create content about something that’s really interested in.

Consider also your professional experience. If you don’t have any prior experience in your blogging field You’ll have a tough in establishing yourself as an authoritative source of information within that field.

However, If you’ve got an educational background, work experience or connections to a specific subject, you’re ready to create blog posts on these subjects and will have a better process of building trust with your audience. Check out these blog topics to spark your creative juices.

man blogging

Question 2: Who will be my target audience?

If there’s a need to know about your field and you provide information or knowledge that meets the need of your readers the readers will come to your website. Consider the topics you’re interested in to determine what kind of readers you can attract.

Think about the kind of issues that people are facing – or the answers they’re looking for in these fields. In this way, you’ll be able to develop a blog around these types of groups and offer them the information they require.

Question 3: What topics are lucrative?

Although you are able to blog about almost anything, certain blog topics are more lucrative than other. To figure out if you could earn money through blogging on specific niches, think about the potential for sales in the subject.

If you’re writing an online cooking blog, for example writing about the best kitchen appliances is ideal for promoting affiliate links or advertising. If you’re thinking of creating a blog about digital marketing it might be worth considering the possibility of selling e-books, or offering consultancy services.

Blogs that earn money

Many kinds of blogs can yield profits in the right way if you can effectively manage them Here are the most popular:

  • Marketing and business blogs
  • Finance blog
  • Health blogs
  • Style blogs
  • DIY and craft blogs
  • Food and nutrition blogs. blog posts about food
  • Lifestyle blogs

Whatever you choose to focus on you’ll need to consider the possibility of earning money right from the beginning and set goals to make money through your blog. This will help you establish an enduring foundation right from the beginning.

If you’re not sure which niche to choose If you’re stuck, these Blog examples will give you a direction.

02. Scale your blog content

Once you’ve decided on your subject It’s time to begin writing content. When you start be aware that the method you use to write your content is as crucial as the content. Your articles naturally will require a lot of writing, but they’ll also need a good amount of research and planning.

In addition, it is important to post new content consistently and frequently, without compromising quality. What you need to know when you begin making and scaling up your content:

Pick the best subjects

As you have chosen an appropriate blog niche it is also important to pick topics you can strategically write about. The most successful topics fulfill two requirements:

  • They are able to meet the requirements of your audience and provide them with a thought-provoking approach to a practical solution.
  • They are targeting keywords with high search volume – which is a number that indicates the number of people who are looking at a particular term or subject during the time frame you choose (typically 1 month). The concept is that the greater the search volume for a keyword is, the more interested users are on the topic. If your content provides the most complete answer to inquiries The more likely it will be ranked on search engines – which can in turn lead people to your website (more about that in step 4).

Making headlines is a crucial action you should not ignore. Be sure to include all of your blog posts with appealing titles. The more appealing your blog’s titles the more likely that people will click through to go through the blog content.

Post regularly

In order to reach your initial objective of increasing your site’s users, you’ll need to update your site with new content regularly. You should aim to publish three to 4 new blog posts each week to ensure you get the most the amount of organic traffic.

In addition, you’ll need to write frequently. Do not release a large number of content one week and then not publish anything next week. Instead, make an editorial calendar and create a regular publication schedule in advance. This will signal to Google that you have a well-maintained, active blog.

Woman blogging

Assemble the work

If you’re thinking about ways to earn money by blogging, you should remember that you’re not just building your online presence, but developing your business capabilities. It’s easy to see that writing more than 3 blog posts every week is quite a task to keep track of in conjunction with the management of a business.

But don’t let that hinder your progress. You should consider getting help from a professional when you start your blog, so that you can expand your blog quickly. It is possible to do this through:

  • Outsourcing, some content to freelancers will mean you can increase the quality of your content rapidly.
  • Your blog can be made available to other bloggers to contribute posts to your blog (a fantastic free option for you ) that will also provide an opportunity to promote the guest author).

No matter which option you select it is essential that you organize your time to allow you to concentrate on business strategies as well as writing.

03. Create a name for yourself

Once you’ve created a substantial quantity of content that is strategic The next step to earning money from blogging will be to make yourself an expert in your area. These suggestions will guide you in this direction:

Try to blog as a guest

Start by expanding your web presence, specifically in the blogging and writing world. It is possible to reach out to websites in your field and propose guest post ideas. Make sure to include a link to your website with your pitch to show your expertise on the subject.

To discover guest blogging opportunities Browse through your favorite publications to find out whether they feature content written by external contributors. Here are a few magazines that accept guest bloggers and have hyperlinks for the Contact Us or Contributor pages:

If you’re a fan of any of the bloggers you follow in your area You can look up their names online and check which sites they’re publishing. It will lead you to websites that accept guest posts.

Then, you can send an idea to an editor or writer via email or LinkedIn. In the event that you’ve already established a connection with them via Twitter, you can present your ideas to them on Twitter. Two of them are frequently utilized social media platforms by professionals and are an effective method of reaching those who work in the online publishing industry.

Don’t be discouraged if you find that your pitches aren’t immediately accepted. This is a normal thing for many. Your pitches will be accepted once you increase your outreach efforts. Additionally, the more content you’ve put out and the more you establish your name and the easier it will be to be published in the near future.

If you’re lucky, certain publications might pay you for the content you contribute. This is a fantastic starting point for earning money from blogging. Even when guest posting does not pay you in monetary terms, it’s an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in your field. You can also start building your audience. If you’ve got enough experience you may eventually get your own column.

Guest blogging can also have the advantage of creating backlinks to your blog, which can boost your SEO. This is crucial as it makes your blog more noticeable to search engines such as Google which in turn directs traffic to it. Check out this article to learn more regarding SEO for bloggers..

blogging on the computer

Work with experts

Another method to build your credibility is to work closely with experts in your area of expertise. This will provide you with greater exposure and will help you establish a following.

Start by contacting bloggers who are experts in your field This could include a successful guest blogger you follow or an editor of your preferred publication. You can ask them to conduct interviews with them in the form of a guest blog or as a post on your blog. Although this might seem like a bit of a stretch, however, those in this situation usually are willing to give interviews because it increases their visibility.

In the same way, you can promote other bloggers within your field. You can give their posts a shout-out on your social media pages as well as your blog, and interact in a back and forth exchange with the bloggers on Twitter. You can bet they’ll soon start reading your posts and will return your favor.

04. Grow and promote

As of now you are aware that the greater number of people visiting your blog the easier it is for you to earn a profit from it. Therefore, increasing the number of visitors to your site is an essential step to earning money through your blog.

Before we get into the best ways to market your blog be aware that marketing your blog is a continuous effort. It is essential to promote your blog along with the other steps beginning the day you launch your blog. As your readers grow to advertise your blog will be as vital in its overall success as blogging itself.

Here are some ideas to promote your business and increase your visibility:

Optimize for SEO

As I mentioned before, SEO is critical for making your website visible listed on Google. If you want visitors to discover your blog one of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to create content that appears at the top of search results. results for relevant search terms. For instance, if making a bakery blog you’ll want to show up in the top results of searches like “birthday cake recipes” and “carrot cake recipes.”

To achieve this, you must not solely focus on creating the most informative blog posts available on the internet But you should enhance these posts by employing long-tail keywords strategically – – a specific kind of keyword that reaches your specific audience.

Although this may sound daunting but finding these keywords is actually quite easy for those who are new to the field using the aid of specific tools for research. These kinds of tools include the Google Keyword PlannerSEMrushAhrefs (pictured below), and more – guide you straight to the keywords that you must include.

If you’re brand unfamiliar with SEO and research on keywords is a good idea to put aside some time for an online SEO course that are no cost. The Beginner’s Guide of SEO by Moz is a good starting point.

It’s also possible to review the list of blog posts to ensure you’ve covered all SEO fundamentals including keyword research to optimization of images and more.

Create an email newsletter

Another method of driving visitors to your blog and generating income in the process is to send out an email newsletter to advertise your blog’s content. The goal is to ensure visitors who visit your blog will return to read more blog posts.

But how do you convince people to sign up to your newsletter at all? Here are some suggestions:

  • Lead magnets can be created: The likelihood of people signing up is higher sign-up if they receive something worth their while in exchange. Often referred to by the name of “freebies,” lead magnets are simply incentives you give as a reward for signing up for the purchase of a subscription. Offers could include a free ebook, guide, a complimentary presentation deck, an online or offline course, or even a coupon code for an online retailer.
  • Forms for opt-in: Opt-in forms typically appear as pop-ups, or slide-ins requesting users to sign up. Because they’re difficult to overlook they can grab the attention of website visitors more than static content. You could decide to make an opt-in page that informs your visitors to sign up for your newsletters. Another option is to design opt-in forms that showcase your lead magnets and solicit users to enter their email addresses to receive the gift card.

Create a social media plan

If you weren’t promoting your posts via social media it would be the biggest blogger’s error. Marketing on social media, similar to SEO, is an excellent method to gain more exposure.

It is not enough to post links for your website on personal social media channels However, you should think about the creation of separate social media accounts specifically for your blog. Create your own Facebook company page to advertise your website on Facebook as well as a dedicated account for business for YouTube and Instagram. Instagram or YouTube.

Once you’ve done this increase your reach further with content to go along with your posts. For instance, you can create Instagram or Pinterest posts with photos or infographics. You can then hyperlink to your blog content in the posts. Additionally, you can reuse your blog content in YouTube videos and add links to the relevant article underneath every video.

Find your own way to be imaginative

Increase your reach with a variety of innovative content formats. Upload instructional videos on your website and then share your knowledge through creating podcasts as well as hosting a webcast. The more content you produce to establish your expertise in your area and the more likely that people will come across your blog.

While it is best to initially offer the content free of charge to increase your following and draw visitors to your blog You can then begin charging to earn an alternative source of income. Be aware of this when you contemplate ways you can earn money through your blog.

How to earn money from blogging Part 2: Earn money from your blog content

When you’ve got a strong content strategy and an expanding internet presence, you’ll be thinking how you can earn money from a blog.

To begin earning money from your blog, you’ll need to make use of tools that can help you improve your site and also resources such as partnerships with companies as well affiliate programs. Here are some options:

  • Include a link to your blog in your advertisement
  • Provide paid subscriptions
  • Sell products
  • Add affiliate links
  • Create content for sponsored content
  • Offer consultation services

After you’ve set up your blog to be successful and you’ve got the basics of how to make profits using the methods previously mentioned:

05. Include a link to your blog in your advertisement

One way to earn money from blogging is to include Google AdSense ads in your blog posts and earn money in the process.

What exactly does it mean to Google AdSense? It’s a tool that lets you put ad space on your website. Google then fills these spots with ads that are pertinent to the blog’s and site’s users. You, in turn, earn money each time these ads are clicked on or viewed.

It is a well-known and profitable advertising program that allows bloggers to convert their site traffic into cash. You can pick your ideal ad size and shapes, as well as the placement of your ads that allows you to maximize clicks while still providing a comfortable user experience.

If you choose to take this option, here are a few tricks that can increase your earnings

  • Create high-quality content even when your aim is to earn money through your blog, you must always be focusing on what you can do to improve the content quality. blog’s content. When your blog’s content is of high quality you’ll see visitors. When you’re getting the traffic, your blog can become an attractive place to advertise.
  • Search for keywords that are lucrative: As you’re doing keyword research for your blog posts, look out for transactions that might be of interest to advertisers. This includes keywords that could lead to sales, such as “Best DSLR cameras” or “How to take professional photos.”
  • Select the ad’s style and size wisely: The visual appearance of your advertisements can be the primary aspect in attracting clicks. It is essential to make your ads easily visible, however, you’ll need to make sure they don’t disturb readers. To achieve the best results, you should use colors that fit into your blog’s color scheme but that have good contrast to the background. Tools such as Bannersnack can be a good choice to customize the design of your ads.
  • A/B tests your ad place: When it comes to making money with advertisements, not every space is created equal. Ads that are the same perform differently based on where it’s placed, for instance in the top position or at the bottom or at the bottom of an article. Test A/B to determine the areas where ads are most clicked and then use the results to guide your ad placement in the future.

It is also possible to incorporate the ads.txt document to the blog. Even though Google AdSense is the biggest provider of ads.txt, using ads.txt lets you have the choice to connect with other ad companies different than Google.

blogging for life

06. Pay-per-month subscriptions are available.

Another method to earn money from blogging is to create or sell subscription packages. The subscribers can purchase subscriptions to content that is exclusive.

Of obviously there are some posts that must be free. After all, people will want to look around your site before making a decision to purchase. But you can enhance the freebies by writing in-depth articles with exclusive information that readers would spend money for.

To spark your readers’ attention Be sure to provide readers a sneak preview of each post that is exclusive to get for their email address to continue reading.

An alternative, but slightly different approach is to offer paid-for members to your website. It is possible to reward your members with a range of benefits like access to webinars as well as downloadable resources as well as free blog content.

07. Sell books, merchandise, and much more

Another option that is profitable is to offer products directly on their website. For this, you need to create a web-based store that directs visitors to your merchandise. It allows you to sell products relevant to your blog subject or personal branding.

Be aware that your products don’t need to be physical. Many bloggers prefer selling digital products as well.

Here are a few options for the kind of products you could sell:

  • E-books
  • Online courses
  • Virtual events and webinars
  • T-shirts, stickers, and other merchandise featuring your blog’s logo
  • Crafts and other items made by hand

If you own an exercise blog, for instance, you could sell sporting equipment that is branded. If you run a travel-related blog and you are a travel blogger you might consider selling travel guides that are digitally available for download.

08. Be an affiliate

Did you remember when we examined how much bloggers are earning? Their reports on expenses show that the majority of prominent bloggers make use of affiliate marketing as a part of their monetization plan. There’s a valid motive for that: affiliate marketing can be an extremely easy way to earn passive income.

Affiliate marketing basically means that you earn money from blogging through promoting the products of others. It involves incorporating affiliate links for various products or services in your blog posts, across your site, and across your social media profiles. If your visitors click on the links and purchase and you earn a commission from the purchase.

To find brands that you can associate with look on the internet to find affiliate programs for marketing that provide you with a variety of businesses or products. The most well-known programs are:

  • CJ Affiliate : Join with well-known brands and earn commissions for advertising their products.
  • ShareASale : Create profitable partnerships with brands across many different industries.
  • Amazon Associates : Promote the products you purchase from Amazon with the potential to earn as much as 10% associate commissions.

Affiliate marketing is a great method for professional as well as personal websites So, consider trying various platforms before settling on one that is most suitable for you.

09. Create sponsored content

As your blog expands it could be that you get solicited by companies that want to be a sponsor for you. The company will reward for each blog article you write since you’re basically promoting their products to your readers. Most often, these gigs include additional perks including complimentary products from the company to try out.

The posts usually are in the form of reviews of products or demonstrations of how you make use of the products or services of a company. The best practice is to endorse products that you trust to maintain your readers in their confidence. Also, search for partnerships that allow you to make the series of sponsored posts over an extended time. This will ensure a steady source of income.

To discover these opportunities You don’t have to wait for companies to come across them. Start by reaching out top companies within your field and asking about sponsorship opportunities. Be sure to provide a reason for why your company would gain from the partnership. For example, inform them about the number of monthly visitors and the benefits they could benefit from reaching out to your target audience.

10. Offer consultancy services

The last way to earn money from blogging is to use all the experience you’ve acquired as a professional blogger. By using the blog to build a platform and offering your expertise to others and advertise your services as a coach or consultant.

Based on the field you are in depending on your field, you could collaborate with individuals or work as a consultant for businesses. There are a variety of types of blogs available including nutrition, marketing, and design, which can be the perfect way to start an entire consulting business. For example, you could use your blogging skills to become an expert in digital marketing or even a food expert.

For a start, you can offer services to clients who are not your own and then entice them by offering discounts and special packages. You could also expand to group-based services like conferences, webcasts, public speaking, or online classes. If readers find that your blog provides genuine knowledge, they’ll be willing to take advantage of one-on-one assistance that’s specific to their requirements.

Earn money by writing a blog

A blog isn’t just a pastime It’s also a method to earn money while living according to your own schedule. As you’ve learned the numerous of ways to convert your website’s traffic into cash. Utilize these strategies to grow your readership, improve your credibility and turn your blog into a profitable business. Through a combination of high-quality content, business-savvy and professional tools for monetization you’ll be on the road to making money with your blog.