February 4


Farmasi Review – Is It A Trustworthy Company?

By Pasi

February 4, 2021

Company: Farmasi

Founder: Dr. C. Tuna.

Website: Farmasi

Rating: 1/5


FARMASI REVIEW – Is It A Trustworthy Company?

Farmasi is a widespread company. Its branches are in different countries such as Albania, the USA, Ukraine, Poland, Morocco, etc. The founder of this company is Dr. C. Tuna. His first company was a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Istanbul, Turkey. Most of their formulas are formulated by Dr. C. Tuna himself. He has been a business professional with experience of 63 years. It is an established Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that offers a wide range of hair and skincare products. Farmasi is a renowned multinational company, which claims to have the best products.

Farmasi has over 67 years of experience in health care enterprise and beauty products line, yet the customer reviews remain forever so suspicious. But the question here is, are their products good enough to use? Is Farmasi worth the fame? Are their products as effective as they claim? Do their products suffice the hundreds of dollars that they charge? Are their products natural? Are their effects beneficial for skin and hair? Here is an honest review based on some terrible experiences. Following is a list of things that show that the company is not worthy enough to trust.


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  1. Poor Quality Products At High:

The biggest scam of this company is, they sell their fake and inferior quality products at very high costs. People who buy their products find them ineffective and sky-high. The price of hair and skincare products are unreasonably high for the majority of people. But, even those people who can afford their products gave their Farmasi Review, which is horrible. People say that their items are a big-budget, but the results are null. They are infuriated and demand a refund as products are of low quality and counterfeit. The ones who buy from them are unsatisfied and disappointed and claim to never purchase from them again!

Ladies prefer cost-effective products with astounding results. Even if they buy an expensive product from their savings, they expect it to be good enough to justify the money they’ve spent. But in the case of Farmasi Review, the items are not only expensive but are of cheap quality. They failed to satisfy their customers.


2. Product Resulting In Skin And Hair Damage:

The priority of every hair and skincare company is to ensure original and skin-friendly products for their customers. Skin is the sensitive part of the body. Hence, skin care products should not cause irritation and damage to the skin. But in the case of Farmasi review, products are not only skin-damaging but also result in hair fall and itching, which later on leave marks on the skin. These are alarming outcomes of these skincare products.

Their age reverser serum has been found to have carrageenan in it that clogs the skin pores and deprives the skin of getting enough nutrients. Significantly, Farmasi review comprises of complaints about serious hair-fall. Women are protesting against the company. They have posted pictures of their hair-fall after using the haircare product.

Furthermore, Farmasi Face scrubs have been found abrasive for the skin leaving short-term rashes and redness too. Moreover, their skincare products are not skin-friendly, causing itching, allergies, and dryness to the skin. Women are not recommending these goods due to their high discontentment with Farmasi products. If one buys such costly products, they expect them to be super beneficial. So, it is not a good deal to buy expensive products which are not even worthwhile.


  1. Ineffective Products:

Although Farmasi is offering a wide range of skin and hair care products, the point to ponder is that Farmasi’s review shows that much of its products are ineffective. They make no difference to the skin after extended use, leaving the customers in utter dissatisfaction. Women always desire products with mind-blowing results. They compromise on high prices when the product is useful and beneficial for their skin type.

But in the case of Farmasi review, the product makes no distinct improvement in the skin. It’s like wasting money on these products. The majority of their buyers ask for a refund. They aim not to waste their money on these products again! Farmasi claims that its products are beneficial for reducing hair fall and frizzy hair and encouraging straight hair. But those expensive shampoos made no difference in frizzy and rough hair. They also claimed that they have a unique formula for strawberry skin and stretch marks. But guess what? As usual, their products were a total failure.


  1. Poor Marketing Strategies:

Farmasi owns absurd marketing strategies. The reasons are as follows. Firstly, they sell their products at very high rates in the market, and after few months, they launch their same old products with improved formulas. But as usual, products are ineffective. They gain a considerable profit from their products, but their customers are at a loss. Although their customers spend a substantial amount on their products but gain nothing.

Being one of the biggest MLM companies, Farmasi practices the most poorly managed marketing strategies. Every year gaining millions of dollars of profit; however, this company has not yet advanced itself to adopt better measures and marketing strategies. They implement so many baseless conditions to place an order; for instance, if you want to order something from their impressive catalog, you first need to buy something from their regular brochure. This feeble policy has aroused anger in many customers. The poor experiences of their ex-workers also show how big of mismanagement they’ve been showcasing for years.


  1. Workers Work More But Paid Less:

One of the Farmasi reviews includes a crucial issue that should be raised. The company doesn’t pay the estimated wages to their workers. Their workers are not paid on time. From hidden sources, it came to know that their workers protested against the company to raise their wages.

The company is gaining a huge profit because of their customers and workers. Unfortunately, their customers and workers are dissatisfied and aggrieved. The company never pays for the extra work they allot to their workers. Workers overdo their work, spend extra hours delivering products, but they are never paid an additional dollar for their efforts. The company takes a lot from them but never pays them well!


6. Deliver Products Erroneously:

Farmasi review includes numerous complaints about the delivery of wrong items. They deliver their products carelessly. They provide their customers with incorrect items, totally different from what they had ordered. There were multiple objections that people were delivered the products in different colors than they ordered. The reckless attitude of this company is a huge setback. They create trouble for their customers.

Moreover, if anyone tries to exchange or return the product, Farmasi doesn’t even contact back. They don’t refund for the wrong items they have delivered. Sometimes, they deliver the cheap product in place of an expensive one. After that, they don’t bother the complaint. Customers also complained of not receiving the desired products or receiving substandard products with damaged packaging and leaked containers.


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  1. Substandard preparatory Material:

The quality of a product depends upon the raw material used to make the product. If pure and original items are used to make skin and hair care products, they would be useful and beneficial. But if low quality and cheap raw material are used, the product would be skin-damaging rather than beneficial. The Farmasi, unlike its extraordinary product descriptions and advertisements, uses the lowest standard material that contains a large percentage of artificial and unauthorized chemicals and some cheapest quality preparatory stuff.

Farmasi, over the years, has also not been able to come up to the mark of customer’s demands by manufacturing the same inefficient hair care and related beauty products. One of the Farmasi review complaints was that the special hair serum was carrageenan, which only clogs the pore. It has no special effect. They use cheap items for the production of their items. A low-quality product will only damage the skin and hair. How can it be beneficial for your skin?


  1. Brilliant Advertisement And Disgusting Products

Farmasi is a big company spread worldwide. It is a famous company, and it has a big name in the market. The main reason behind their popularity is their mind-blowing advertisement. They introduce their products on giant banners and posters, intending that this may increase their sales. But the hidden image is, their products are ordinary and incompetent. They are ineffective. Farmasi tends to invest in substantial advertising firms, and a considerable amount is spent for this purpose. The quality of their sky-high claims is nowhere close to what the actual products are. The standard of products does not suffice the hundreds of dollars they are charging for products.

“All that glitters is not gold.”

Ladies with the know-how of skin and hair care products prefer items with reasonable prices and astounding results. After using products of Farmasi, they don’t recommend it at all.


9.Bad Experience Of Ex-Workers:

Farmasi review shows that it is not an excellent company to work with since their ex-workers shared their bad experience working with this company. They were given extra work but paid less for it. The workers were not treated well, so much that they even have to work on the days off. They were given a lot of tasks in a limited time. Even if they worked efficiently, the company never appreciated them.

Workers are assets of every company and should be treated well. A company should take care of the comfort and ease of their team workers. They should be given extra wages for the extra hours they work. Farmasi should increase the salaries of the workers to generate a sense of belonging in them. If a worker is satisfied with the company he works with, he will work diligently and efficiently.


10. Side-effects Of Makeup Products:

Farmasi not only provides skincare products, but they also have a wide range of makeup items. From primer to lipstick, they have introduced every makeup item. Some people reviewed the damage caused by Farmasi’s eyeliner, leaving eyelids swollen and causing bumps on the skin, causing dryness and allergy. These products also leave scars on the skin.

But Farmasi review also comprised of complaints about side effects after using their makeup. Their base and primer caused acne and itching. Their makeup products are not pigmented. Most of the time, they deliver either the wrong base tone or the wrong lipstick color. There are thousands of complaints only in this regard. Their lip and cheek tint causes skin irritation. Another complaint was about their mascara. People say that it has a kind of gummy texture. It sticks with eyelashes and causes their fall when you try to remove them.


  1. Unaffordable Products For Majority Of People:

Farmasi is an exorbitant company. It is famous for its costly products. This company spends a large amount on advertisement. Their products are big-budget. They are unaffordable for the majority of people. They are not pocket friendly. Even if a person buys a product from his savings, it is a total failure. Farmasi’s customers don’t recommend this company. They think that buying from them is a simple waste of money. The skin line products are overpriced and not worth the bulk of money.

  1. Hair Damage:

Farmasi has a wide range of hair care products. Their hair oil makes hair sticky and greasy. Their shampoo for long hair is totally ineffective People noticed no difference in hair length after long use. The bottles in which they supply oil and shampoos were found broken and damaged. The fluid in it leaked. But the company didn’t bother the complaint.

Neither they contact back, nor they refund for the defective product. There are expensive products especially for rebounding, but it lasts for only one or two weeks. After that, hair becomes frizzy again. After rebounding, hair fall is increased and hair growth decreases. These products cause serious damage to healthy hair. Are these kinds of products beneficial for hair?


  1. Late Or Never Delivered Items:

Farmasi review comprised of another strange complaint that the items people order is received after a month or two. The products are delivered very late. Even products are delivered late, the items inside are also missing. In some cases, products are ordered and never received. The company receives money in advance, but they don’t deliver the product. There are a lot of complaints submitted but the company didn’t reply even a single of them. Even the money isn’t refunded.

This company cheats people openly. They are not trustworthy at all. They don’t pay back at all. One’s who buy from them, never does that mistake again. A responsible company assures that the products are delivered on time safely without any damage. If in case, the product cannot be delivered then the money charged with them in advance should be refunded.


14. Malfunctioned Products:

Farmasi review shows that some products people received have malfunctioned items. The bottles were damaged. The shampoo was mixed with water. Oil was not original. There is a weird smell in their hair oil. Hair serums were simply carrageenan. Makeup items were incomplete. Face powder, eye shadow kits were broken.

The internal items were missing. Skincare products delivered were not packed well. Some items were missing. Body lotions were like watery solution. Items didn’t worth enough to use. In my opinion, this company doesn’t worth the fame. Their products are exorbitant and ineffective.


15. Never Respond to Their Customers:

Farmasi review has a list of complaints but not even a single complaint is responded to. They neither improve their service nor listen to the public demand. The emails are auto-generated in reply to every comment. People never hear from the company. Their complaints are ignored every time. They left buying from them.

They don’t recommend this company to their friends and family which is a big loss for the company. Turning down the demands by customers and not showing any positive response, Farmasi has led to a big loss of its thousands of valuable customers yet continuing the stubbornness.


16. Unpleasant reviews:

Farmasi’s branches are spread worldwide. People across many countries use their products. The official website includes many reviews stating that the products are not delivered on time even after waiting for months. Even, after paying hundreds of dollars people are not getting their desired products on time. There is a huge backlash on Farmasi by the customers to refund their money due to disappointing results. These reviews are from the people using their products in different countries across the world. Farmasi is breaking people’s trust in them.

These reviews are the biggest proof that the company is not trustworthy at all. Reviews on the official website of the company show the experience of their customers. Customers, themselves are complaining regularly about this company, it is an alarming situation. One’s who bought from them are disappointed and infuriated. They claim that the products are costly and absurd.


Woman on the customer setvic
Woman speaking on the customer service
  1. Poor Customer Service:

The customer service is also under the hate and negative comments of customers. People are demanding cashback for not getting the desired and claimed results. The delivery takes more than a month and the customer service department does not care about the demands and queries of people. Farmasi review is filled with customer complaints:

Their emails are also auto-generated and people do not get to hear from them for months and months. Mismatched products are sent to 2 out of 5 people, and they are not even paid back. They don’t even respect their employees and show a humiliating attitude towards them. That is why Farmasi has always been in trouble due to their appalling behavior.


18.Very Less Quantity:

The quantity they seem to provide is very less than compared to the price Farmasi is charging. This has made people think twice before buying such expensive products and getting a very less amount. Their products last only for a week or two. A small shampoo bottle charges more than a dozen of them if purchased from any other company. The containers used by Farmasi are prone to leakage, and they provide really less quantity if compared to the prices they are charging. A very little amount of makeup product is provided that also gets used up really soon.


  1. Scam Through Bloggers And Beauty Influencers:

Farmasi gives about 50% commission to beauty influencers and gets fake reviews from them. They send PR packages worth hundreds of dollars and get paid positive reviews and blogs about their beauty products. Moreover, YouTubers are also paid for promotion. They promote products of Farmasi in their videos and in return, they are paid a handsome amount for it. They give false descriptions about these products which are good for nothing.

Resources say that they have purchased their reviews and stars to increase their ratings. People watching videos of famous YouTubers are inspired by the fake reviews and buy items from this company. Every year Farmasi receives a huge profit just because of paid promotions.


So, it was an honest review of how Farmasi works. Their products are exorbitant and not worth a cent! This is how this company gains a huge profit at the end of the day leaving their customers discontented. This company cons people by advertisement on large scale. People are attracted by advertisement ads and fake reviews by bloggers and beauty influencers. People are deceived by ads and fake compliments written in the description of every product. But once they buy those products,

they get to know about the fraud. The company is far from successful. Farmasi review shows that it is a large-scale scam. Most people get to know about it after they waste their money on buying their disgusting products. You should never buy from them as they are a betrayal.

Beware of this company. It not only attracts your attention but conning you and receiving a large amount at the end of the day. But their customers receive nothing but betrayal. There is nothing special about their products. Even in some cases, their products are not capable of use. They damage your skin instead of improving it. Our review’s sole purpose is to increase the transparency for online marketing and turning down scammers.

Let me know what do you think about the company down below!

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