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Hire writers review – Buy Or Sell Articles

By Pasi

January 19, 2021

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Hire writers review

So you want to earn money as a writer? You can start working right now if you get approved by hirewriters.com. Just fill the application and try it. Or..you waLularoent cheap but quality content?

 You got it! Just choose your writer, wait a day or a few days, and done, you have content. Hirewriters.com offers excellent value for writers and buyers.


Company: Hirewriters.com

Website: Hirewriters.com

Founder: Brandon Harris

Recommended: Yes

Rating: 4/5

Hirewriters.com for writers

If you want to be an internet content provider you’re going to need three things: a love of words, the ability to use Google with surgical precision, and a platform to find clients. This review is about HireWriters.com, which I consider to be one of the better options when you’re brand new to writing content online.

 While HireWriters has its drawbacks, it certainly is one of the more accessible places to get clients and learn the ropes of writing content. Do you want to write for money? Here, you can write for money!

The pay starts extremely low, but it does get better as you advance through the ranks, and as you learn to write more quickly. The diversity of projects is endless, and there is usually work available. 

It’s likely that as you improve at content writing, you will want to move on to better-paying sites but HireWriters is very useful for learning important skills that will serve you well.

The Basics

HireWriters is a platform that matches writers with people who need content. Most clients are the owners of websites that need blog posts, but quite a few are students looking for someone else to do their homework.

 The customer will write a detailed request, including the topic, deadline, word count, general description, and how much they will pay for your work. Depending on your ranking, you can accept a certain number of jobs and then you have a deadline for when you must submit your work.

HireWriters pays you every single week, via Paypal, as long as you have a balance that’s higher than $10. They charge a payment processing fee of somewhere around 2% of whatever you earned that week.

What I appreciated about HireWriter is that the application process is short and sweet, write a 150-word writing sample in response to a prompt. 

To clear this first hurdle, of demonstrating your native English ability, make sure to proofread and spell-check, as well as writing something that expresses your ideas clearly. 

I was accepted within a couple of days of submitting my sample and could begin receiving jobs in the Beginner skill right away.


hirewriters.com review
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How Skill Rankings Work

There are four tiers to the skill ranking system of HireWriters, and the pay gets better as you move on up. Everyone starts as a Beginner, and you can advance to General, Skilled, and Expert.

 A Beginner writer would earn in the range of $2,66 for an article that’s 150 words. A General writer makes around 60 percent more, or $3.58. And it goes on like this for Skilled and Expert.

A 1,500-word article is around $10 for a Skilled writer. As you complete each job, one time, the clients will give between 1 to 5 stars to review the quality of your work. The criteria for increasing your rank and getting access to higher-paying jobs is your average client rating and the percentage of jobs you’ve completed on time.

In my experience, clients are generally pretty generous, and maintaining a high rating is not difficult if you are submitting good work. The trickier aspect of advancing in the rankings (at least in my case) is maintaining your On-Time percentage. 

If you are juggling multiple responsibilities, it can just be a fact of life that you mismanage your time and find yourself unable to finish an article. Missing a deadline is harshly punished, and this is, by far, the worst aspect of the HireWriters experience.

Not only does it affect your ability to move up to higher rankings, but you will also be deducted a portion of the money you would have earned for that work, somewhere around a third. 

If you would have earned $10 for that missed article, Hirewriters will charge a fee of around 3.33. This is something you agree to each and every time you accept an article, so it’s hard to really complain.

The more deadlines you miss, the harder it will be to get the higher paying jobs– for example, an Expert writer must have an On-Time percentage of 90% while a Skilled writer must be at 82%. In short, don’t miss deadlines!

If you’re in a position where you know you won’t be able to write an article on time, then the best strategy is to submit the work you have so far, along with a note to the customer. 

Apologize that you were not able to finish yet, give them an idea of when you could have it and ask for them to request a revision.

Clients always have the option to request a revision, which will reset the clock for a specific amount of time that they’ve chosen, giving you the chance to finish. 

The customer may be annoyed, but if they like what you’ve done so far, they are likely just to go ahead and request the revision rather than completely rejecting it and looking for another writer.

hirewriters.com review
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Choosing Articles

For a variety of reasons, choosing the articles thoughtfully is half the battle on HireWriters. You have a limited number of articles you can choose (for example, at General it is five articles, at Skilled it is 7) and the spot will not open up until the article has been submitted and then accepted or rejected. 

Some customers will accept your work within a few hours, while others can take days. If you submit an article and the customer neither accepts nor rejects it for five days then at that point HireWriters will automatically accept it, and you will get paid for it.

 I wish the number of articles you could choose was higher, but then I do have such difficulty completing projects on time, so maybe it’s for the best…

Once you’ve chosen an article, you pretty much have to write it. Some other websites allow you to cancel an order if you change your mind, but HireWriters has no such mechanism.

 If you fail to write it, there is that harsh penalty, so you really have to be sure before you click on that accept button.

The HireWriters platform is extremely straightforward, and you choose your projects you click on Find Writing Jobs. This page is very easy to sort through, including by subject, word count, and, most importantly, Skill Level. 

There are always several jobs available in every ranking, and you obviously don’t want to have to wade through the ones for which you don’t qualify, or that are now too lowly-paid to be worth your time.

It’s very common for customers will list their article at a certain word count, like 150-300, but then write a note that the minimum word count should be much higher or even double.

 I think HireWriters should crack down on this; however, ultimately, the project is very transparent, and it’s up to the writer to decide if they want to accept it or not. If it’s not worth your time, just move on. 

Particularly when you’re at the Beginner or General ranking, you might choose an article that pays pennies simply because you want to write as much as possible to advance higher.

As you choose the article, think carefully about how much it will pay, how much research it requires, and how long that word count will take. You also will want to consider the customer’s Approval rate, which will be visible to you. 

If their rate is fairly high, such as in the 90s, you can trust that they are likely to accept your article if you do good work. Once a rating gets into the 80, it’s definitely worth pausing to evaluate the project and whether you can deliver what the customer is asking for. 

Their low rating may indicate they are very demanding and you might want to skip that job and go for one that’s less likely to be a waste of your time.

Remember that choosing the article must include thinking about the deadline and what your schedule looks like. Most articles are due within 24 hours or longer, but sometimes it will be 12 hours. 

In some cases, articles will become available that are due within 6 hours and will have higher pay for being “express.” These are great opportunities, assuming you have the time and know-how to write for that topic.

hirewriters.comr review
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Writing Articles and Getting a 5 Star Rating

The key to doing well on HireWriters is to take pride in your work so that you can get those 5 Star ratings. It’s essential just to remember that you are a writer, and these people need content. You have the skills to make it happen for them, solve their problem, and then get paid for it.

Learning the principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is helpful because customers will often have keywords they want, including for the sake of getting discovered by search engines. Not incorporating the keywords well is one of the main reasons why a customer may request a revision or even reject the article. 

The customer may also have a certain tone in mind (professional, friendly, persuasive, etc) and the key is to really read their listing well before accepting the work, to ensure your finished product will get accepted. 

‘If you have any questions about the project, you can go ahead, contact the customer for clarification. Most of them will get back to you in a reasonable amount of time, and however, in some cases, they won’t see it until after you already submitted it.

In my experience, most clients will accept the article and give you a five star. Success!! They may even give you a bonus to indicate they appreciated your work.

 But in a minority of cases, they may request a revision, pointing out their specific complaint and then giving you more time to resubmit.

This is fine, and you should use it as an opportunity to learn more about the content writing business and polish the article to fit their needs. 

Remember that an actual rejection means your time was completely wasted, which is why you want the quality of your article to be as high as possible.

If you do a good job, you might also get direct invites to projects. This means a client likes your work so much that instead of placing their next project in the general pool they will send you a notification so that you can accept it if you’re interested. 

In one case, I had a client direct invite me to 20+ of their projects, which were in a subject I enjoyed.

The HireWriters writing tool is acceptable and includes a built-in spell checker, but you will be much better off writing your pieces on a word document, or even as a Gmail draft, and then pasting the article in. 

The problem with the tool it does not have a pop-up asking if you’re sure you want to send your work…making an accidental submission a real possibility. It also does not have auto-save and, annoyingly, every time you save your draft you will be brought to another page.

That can interrupt your flow and make you less likely to save your drafts. It’s just better to do your work elsewhere. However, know that all formatting, like hyperlinks or bolding your headlines, must happen within the HireWriters tool.

Hirewriter.com for buyers

If you want to buy cheap articles made by skilled writers who have fluent English, you should use Hirewriters.com. There are a lot of writers, and you can choose a specific writer or add your offer for all of the writers and choose the best one. 

Price ranges from $6 to $25 depending on if the writer is an amateur or pro. You can find articles for many choices like:

  • Articles
  • Facebook fan page posts
  • Data entry work
  • Transcriptions
  • Poetry
  • eBook

You can get better content than Fiverr seller offers. The price is almost the same. I highly recommend Hirewriters.com for your content source.

25% bonus for new buyers

Order using my link and you get a 25% bonus for new buyers.



Overall, HireWriters is a great option when you want to start writing for the web and just need a place to get started. Like any job, content writing is something that needs to be learned, and this is a space to do it.

 You will learn the discipline of sitting at your desk with a focus to make your deadlines and hit your word count goals for the day.

Over time, you learn how to research to find relevant information and how to outline an article to write more quickly. You also learn how great it feels when you get several emails about items being accepted and how disappointing to get rejected or miss a deadline.

 My work ethic, savvy about SEO, and overall writing ability has improved after completing 80+ jobs on this platform.

The main cons are the harsh penalties for missing deadlines, the low pay when compared to other sites, and the clunky writing tool. But it’s worth a try to learn, make some money, and then move on to other places if you think this will be in your best interests.

And for buyers… If you want cheap but quality content. Choose hirewriters.com. You save a lot of money comparing to expensive writers, and you get quality content.

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