January 19


How To Learn Affiliate Marketing? Top 9 Tips!

By Pasi

January 19, 2021

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

First of all, I have to be honest and say that it’s not easy to learn affiliate marketing business. The idea of affiliate marketing is easy, but it’s not easy to start it, and it’s not easy to make money with it. It would be best if you handled many things before you make any sales. You have to think twice before you decide to become an affiliate marketer. I prefer that you don’t quit your day job before you make some money. The truth is that most marketers fail. I have collected the most critical factors you need to know.

1. Use High Converting Product

You need to notice that you need a high converting product. If your product is not right, you won’t get any sales. Yes, you might sell once, but your customers never return to buy anything from your site if you sell garbage.

You better have a product which sells already, or it’s a very unique and useful product if it’s new. I don’t prefer to use a new product if you are starting as it’s very likely that the new product doesn’t sell. Check EPC (Earnings Per Click) and make sure it’s high enough. I prefer you to compare it with other offers, and you should choose the highest one.

2. Make Sure The Vendor Is Honest

It is essential, especially if you have any morals. I have experience with sellers who promise to pay a refund, but when you ask it, they don’t answer. These robbers can make money in the short term, but they won’t get returning customers. They don’t care as they are getting sales, because they use methods that are not honest. Make sure the vendor whom you are promoting is reliable and at least pay a refund when asked. I don’t prefer you to promote a vendor who is lying on his/her sales speech. If you see a counting timer, I prefer you to step back. Very often they are just rushing people to buy, and that counting clock doesn’t mean anything as the offer will not be taken off or the price will not increase after the timer ends. Make sure the vendor is honest and keep your business honest as well.

3. Use Good Looking Website And Graphics

Some people don’t have any sense of which graphics look good, so they don’t invest in them. They don’t see which looks good and which not. That is not the most important thing, but if your website looks excellent and professional, it builds trust, and you are likely to make more sales. I wonder if you want to buy from the site which was made in the ’90s without any updates?

Try to find a good theme for your website and invest in good looking pictures and graphics. If you don’t know what to do, hire a developer and tell him/her to do an attractive website for you. It takes much time to learn how to do the website and even you learn it, you probably need help anyway, so you save a lot of time and effort if you buy the site.

I learned to use WordPress, and I don’t regret it, but my website could be better if I would hire a developer. I prefer you to learn WordPress basics even if you hire a developer as you probably want to add articles by yourself.

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4. Find Good Affiliate Networks

There are lots of affiliate networks you can use. These networks have many products you can promote, so you have room to choose from. Most of the affiliate networks are honest and pay commissions. It would be best if you read a review before you join the network. I prefer a few affiliate networks for you.

  • Shareasale.com – Top-rated and large affiliate networks
  • Cj.com – Huge affiliate networks
  • Rakutenmarketing.com – The network I am using with the main product I am marketing
  • JvZoo.com – A lot of individual affiliate marketers. There are some scams involved
  • ClickBank.com – Not very good products nowadays, but you can find some gems.

These are just few I know. I prefer you to join these networks even you don’t have a plan to promote right now. I might find some good products, and you can write an article and start to get traffic and make some side income with products that are not your primary focus.

5. Find A Good Niche

What product are you promoting? Who is your audience? Try to find a niche which sells. There must be traffic, but not too much competition. If you don’t have traffic, you don’t get sales, but if you have too big competition, people can’t see your offers as there are so many big sellers who take your customers. Find a niche that is unique enough, and the lower the competition, the better.

I searched a niche for years, and I failed many times before I found a niche that I like, and that can make some sales. That is very important to choose it correctly as it’s not a good feeling to change the niche when your website is almost done or done. I made several websites, and I had to kill them all as my niches weren’t good enough. Don’t make the same mistake. Make a plan before you move on and ask professionals who have already make money with affiliate marketing.

6. Get High-Quality Traffic

That is maybe the most important thing you need to notice. Without traffic, you don’t have a business! It’s like fuel in your car. Think about this. If you make a shop in the middle of the forest and there are no paths which lead to the shop, do you get sales? No! Maybe some random visitors can buy from you, but you not much. It would be best if you got people to see your offers to make sales. There are many kinds of traffic sources you can choose from.

You can have free traffic, which means it usually takes time and you have paid traffic, which can be expensive, but you get visitors fast. I use mostly free traffic. It’s not easy to use paid traffic as you have to get a positive ROI% and it can take a lot of time and money before you find it. You can find it in no time or then you can waste money just for finding a good ad to advertise.

If you don’t know where to start and what traffic to use, I prefer you to learn basic SEO and start to produce articles. It would be best if you made it correctly, but basic SEO is not very complicated. There is a job to do the keyword research, but you can hire people who can do it for you.

Paid or free traffic, you still need it. There are lots of traffic sources which you can use, but the highest converting traffic is SEO as people find you, you don’t find them. Paid advertising can be the best option as you save much time if you find a good traffic source that gives you sales. If you need money fast, then you better choose paid ads.

7. Make High-Quality Content Or Use A Bonus To Give More Value

If you are promoting something, you better give some value when you share it. It would be best if you made the difference from people who are promoting the same product. You provide value by writing useful articles. You can share something that people don’t very often realize. Tell me about your experience, which took a long time to learn and share! Then you are providing value as people can learn from you.

Another right way to share value is to give bonuses. If you provide a bonus and your competitor doesn’t and if your bonus is valuable, you probably get a sale, and your competitor doesn’t. It’s not easy to find worthy bonuses, and you probably have to pay if you want a good bonus or you have to put a lot of time to do it yourself. Bonus is an excellent way to give more value to your competitors. It’s not necessary, but if you don’t make any sales, try bonuses.

8. Learn From The People Who Makes Money As An Affiliate Marketer

It’s essential that you don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Yes, you can learn affiliate marketing by yourself, but it’s wise to learn from the people who have already made money as an affiliate marketer. Remember that even you see, they make money that doesn’t mean you make money. They have an audience and a brand and much traffic.

If you get the same amount of traffic, you don’t necessarily make that much sales. It’s just because they have already built trust and they have a brand. If you are talented, you can start to earn very fast, but most people need to make an audience before they begin to earn an affiliate marketer. Remember that there are expectations. You can start to earn immediately without a list, a brand, or any previous audience.

9. Don’t Spam!

Is it even possible to not spam if you are promoting something? Some people say that if you are promoting anything, you are spamming. That’s not the case. If you are promoting something from a place that is not a marketing area, then you are spamming, or if you are promoting something that is not high-quality, you are also sharing spam. Don’t just share your links in every place without sharing any value. Try to promote as little as possible and share valuable content, and people more likely to buy from you. Try to find channels where promoting is allowed.

When I was learning, I shared some stuff in Facebook groups and Facebook ads. I spammed my links, and for that reason, I got banned from Facebook ads as I try to promote things without reading terms. Remember that you need a Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions on your website in almost every channel you promote. Without them, your ads won’t get approved in paid channels.


Affiliate marketing is not easy. Please don’t make the same mistake as I did when I made websites without a plan. Learn from successful people, and you save a lot of time and effort. Use high-quality traffic to get people who are interested in what you offer. Make a plan and invest in your business before you move on. It can take some time before you make sales, but if you don’t quit, you can get a job that gives you a passive income, and you like to do it as your profession.

Affiliate Marketing Video Courses I Prefer You To Watch

Yes, this is my niche, and this is how I try to earn money. If you want to support me and learn at the same time, I prefer you to buy some video courses so you can learn from the people who make money as an affiliate marketer. I have collected the best courses I find for you, so choose the best and start to learn. If you don’t like the classes I share, you can find other ones. There are over 80K courses to choose from, so you should find one which fits you.

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