January 19


Is Programming Hard? – It Might Be, But You Can Learn It!

By Pasi

January 19, 2021

Is Programming Hard?

My first thought about the question, “is programming hard?” is that It can be hard if you are not gifted. If you are good at figuring out puzzles, or good at math or logical understanding, you are one step ahead. You need to have a good memory as you need to remember lots of code. Yes, you can have a manual where you check the code, but that is slow. You can also go to the academy, and you see pretty quickly if you are a talent. If you learn it fast without big thinking, then you are talented.

What Are The Easiest Coding Languages To Learn?

 According to Wp Engine survey, they asked: “How do developers feel about programming languages?” They asked it from 909 developers. One question was, what is the easiest language to learn? Here are the results from the top 5 results:

HTML: 13.3%

Python: 9.0%

Javascript: 6.2%

PHP: 4.9%

Java: 4.6%

So, if you are starting, I prefer you to start with one of these languages. There are also some online schools you can join or then you can take a video course, which is my recommendation. Excellent courses cost you money, but you learn more if you are willing to pay something for education.

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What Is The Most Complicated Programming Language?

Then they asked which is the most complicated language to learn:

Assembly: 7.4%

C#: 4.4%

TeX: 4.3%

Objective C: 3.9%

Javascript: 3.8%

So, if you are not a super-talent, you should not start from this list. I prefer you to first start from the easy language, and then you can switch to harder when you have learned one or more languages. People are different, so some difficult language can be natural for you to learn, so do research and learn the basics of languages to find which suits you.

Anyone Can Learn How To Become A Software Developer

The truth is that you don’t have to be a genius to code. The most talented programmers are indeed genius, not necessarily in life, but in programming. These people are often very good at math, and they have excellent memory. They are very often good in school subjects, but not necessarily good in school if they are not interested. 

But even if you are not super-talent, you can still learn to code, and it helps if it’s your passion. I am not a writer, and I am not very good at English, but with hard work, I was able to start to write articles. I use some grammar tools like Grammarly to check the content, but I can still write even my English grade was average (7/10) at the school.

 I am sure that it’s better than seven right now, but it’s just because I started to write articles. The same thing is with coding. You have to start somewhere, and even if it can be a hard task for you, you can learn it if you try and don’t give up. Take a course and learn the basics and then start to practice it. You can have a manual where you can check everything, and you can copy and paste the code at first and then begin to think about what you need for a specific program. 

Some companies as for a degree when they hire people, but if you can prove that you can code, you don’t need that degree. You can be self-educated and get a job. It can be a bit harder to get a job from the company, but still possible. 

Let’s say affiliate marketing. There are not that many schools that teach about affiliate marketing and most of the people are self-educated just like I am. But the difference is that you can get a job from a company without a degree as a programmer. Affiliate marketers do work with a commission-based salary, which is a bit different thing, but the point is that it’s a profession without a degree. That is also a benefit in programming comparing affiliate marketing. You can get a job from the company, and you get a guaranteed salary.

Programming Benefits

One thing is for sure. You get a massive benefit if you can code. It’s pretty much sure that you get a job and you get paid pretty well. I found this from Google:

“Computer Programmers made a median salary of $82,240 in 2017. The best-paid 25 percent made $106,580 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $62,860.”

As you can see, you get paid very well and better than most of the professions. That should motivate you a bit. When you master coding, you have a guaranteed job or at least an excellent chance to get a job.

 There are tons of companies where you can send an application and ask for a job. If you can’t work for the company or if you get rejected, you can start as a freelancer in the sites like Upwork of Fiverr. Yes, you need to do some marketing as otherwise, you won’t get customers. 

You better learn some marketing skills if you want to be a freelancer. You can get jobs from Freelancer websites without marketing if you are active, but if you can make suitable applications and you search for the jobs activity and you can make appropriate applications and offers for your customers, the better results you get.

 For example, a friend of mine is not good at English but got a talent for computers. He reached over 60k profit from Upwork even with low salary, so it’s a website that can be a good start if you want to start to work as a freelancer.

You can also do the job remotely from your home or from anywhere where you can use the computer. You don’t have to sit in the job office if you don’t want. 

You can also make a company if you think the salary is not enough for your needs. That takes more work, and you also have to be an expert as you need to inform your employees and educate them, and people can have very complex needs. I could write another blog post about the company as there are lots of things you need to know, but programming a company is a good business idea, and it works in the future as well for sure.

You Better Have Or Learn Fluent English

Almost all coding languages use English as their primary language. If you don’t understand English well, you have some problems. You need to produce code with English words, so you need to have a good vocabulary at least from the coding language. You want to provide clean and fluent code so if English is not fluent, you better work for it. 

Learning To Code Can Be Easy, Mastering It Is Hard.

For example, WordPress has over 400k lines of code! That is a lot of work to make WordPress work. There are many “mini-tasks” for that code. For example, you can say the code: “Install plug-in” or “activate the plug-in.” These are simple commands, but it’s not that simple to do it from scratch. There are lots of “mini-tasks” you need to code before it works. 

You need to understand what language you use for each “mini-task,” and that takes the brain to understand it. You need to know what code it needs and you need to know the whole library of code and what is possible for that programming language.

There are very smart languages nowadays which you can use, and you can do a lot of things with them, but if you are doing a sophisticated program, you can face some problems as you need to figure it your yourself what code to use.

You can learn to code pretty fast, but it’s hard to master it. There are so many things you need to learn. If you want to be a fast coder, you need to know many languages and fit them all together. That requires some skills!

You Need More Problem-Solving Skills Than Math As A Programmer

Usually, talented coders are good at math, but that is not essential. The more significant factor is that you need to be a functional problem solver. Logical problems solving is correlated with IQ. If you got a high IQ, you should be a better coder. There are lots of IQ tests which you can use to test your brain. You can also learn to be better in these tests so you should train your problem-solving skills if you face problems with coding.


Programs Work Together

It doesn’t matter where you start as many programs work together. For example, if you are making a house, you need someone who builds it and someone who paints it. You are using different tools, but these tools fit together. You can start with any language, and then you can learn other languages if you need them. It’s still good to research which programs are the best for your purpose. For example, If you want to build websites, you should learn at least HTML and PHP.

Few Practical Tips From Me

I prefer you to learn how to do visual coding. You can learn how to make the software work, but you also need to learn how to make a beautiful base for the software. If you want to create the complete software, you need to know about the visual stuff as well.

Another tip is that if you jam in some part, move forward. If you face too many troubles and you don’t have the motivation, you are more likely to quit. Start with easy tasks that are fun to do, and you want to continue the journey.

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Is programming hard? Well, it depends. You can have a high IQ and have an “advantage” as a programmer, but you can definitely learn how to code. You don’t need a degree to get a job as a coder. You can be self-learned and get a job, or you can start to work as a freelancer. You don’t have to worry about which program to learn first as pretty much all programs work together. 

Programming can be hard, but you can learn it. Just like you can learn how to drive a car. It can be hard at first for some persons, but you learn when you drive, and you became better and better all the time by practicing. The same is with coding. You learn by doing it.

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