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Is SEO Worth It? Do You Want To Wait For Months To Get Traffic?

By Pasi

January 19, 2021

Is SEO Worth It?

Is Seo Worth It? Yes! But there are some things you need to know about SEO traffic. You are probably wondering if there is any point to wait for SEO traffic. Maybe you are thinking to start to write website content, but you are not sure. When I am writing this blog post, I don’t have any traffic from SEO yet. I have over 20 blog posts, and I have waited for almost two months.

I have my website in the webmaster tool, and it shows that I have six clicks. That means that Google hasn’t even indexed my content to Google. I need to wait at least one month that Google to also indexed my content and to be honest, it’s not even guaranteed.

Can You Be Sure That Google Ranks Your Articles?

No. You cannot be sure. But SEO experts know what they are doing, and they have an excellent success rate, so they can be pretty sure that their websites are going to rank.

 But what if you don’t use SEO experts to get traffic? What if you don’t have money to hire anybody and you want to get ranked with your content? Then you are taking the risk to write content, and you may see that your content won’t rank. That can be months of work, and it can go in vain.

I took that risk. I haven’t used any SEO experts or any other experts to make my website content. I just bought the Grammarly and started to type. At least I know that I don’t have any significant grammatical errors. Google loves grammatical free, unique content. I have a good chance to rank at least with posts that don’t have competition like in this post — zero searches per month with the main title. I should have a chance to get indexed as there is no competition at all.

Should You Use Zero-Competition Keywords?

The reason why I also post zero traffic posts is that I want to make sure that at least some of the content gets indexed. I want to see that Google works on my site. Sure, I can also see that from the Google Webmaster tools or with some other tool to see that my website not in the penalty. If I don’t see any clicks, that means Google doesn’t like my website for some reason. What if that happens? Then I should forget Google and start to use paid ads to get some traffic for my content. 

 I think it’s good to mix with zero or very low competition keywords as well. These very low competition keywords can start to get traffic if people begin to search it, and Google can rank sub-titles as well. I prefer you to start with zero-low competition keywords and then mix with low-medium competition keywords. 

What To Do If You Don’t Get traffic from SEO?

You should have some offer which is your call to action. It can be some service or a product. You can then start to use paid ads like Youtube ads or native ads. Make a video of your offer or blog posts and begin to promote it. 

If you don’t want to make a video, then native ads are the best solution. Native ads are almost like the other website content, and ad-blockers doesn’t recognize them. You can promote all of your blog posts as native ads are the same as blog posts. You can put your native ads very cheaply, for example in Propeller ads.

 The only downside is that you cannot target your ads. With Google, people find you, but with native ads, you go to where people are. It can be any website, and you cannot control that. I tried to find targeted native ads, but couldn’t find any, but there can be some who lets you target your keywords.

There are also some other options like Pinterest, where people share their blog posts. Pinterest is said to be one of the best traffic sources, and it’s fast. I tried Pinterest, but I couldn’t get any traffic with it. You need to use it properly. Otherwise, you won’t get traffic with Pinterest. Some people get a lot of traffic without any SEO, just with Pinterest. If you won’t get traffic with SEO, then it’s is one of your options. I prefer you to take a course and learn it thoroughly. You have hope as people who are using it, said that even new websites get ranked with Pinterest.

Is SEO Good Traffic?

Yes. If you get traffic, it’s the best traffic you can get. People come to you with the keywords they are using. You don’t have to force people to see your content. Youtube can be even better as videos tell more than words. But if you start to get traffic from SEO, your traffic is very high-quality, and you can expect to get some sales if you are even selling anything.

Another side with SEO is that the traffic is very often increasing all the time. If you don’t use years in your title like “Best SEO Tips in 2019, you are getting traffic. One tip for you is that, if you are using years in your keywords, don’t use it in your permalink. Then you can easily change the year to your title without using the traffic — just a sidenote.

Another good thing is that if you are getting traffic with SEO, then you are starting the getting authority. That means that your website is suitable in Google’s eyes, and when you are publishing something, you get faster rankings than when you have just started.

You can begin to use medium or even high competition keywords and outrank your competitors. That means that your DA (Domain Authority) has increased. You can see your authority using free Moz extension.

Where Can You Learn SEO?

I have made several blog posts about SEO. You can read them from the blog section. You can also take courses to learn SEO or learn for free from youtube. Basic SEO is pretty simple, but there is some advanced stuff as well. 

You can get ranked with low-competition keywords pretty easily, but some SEO experts can rank medium-high competition keywords, and that is advanced. The content can be pretty much the same, but they use LSI-keywords better.

 The most significant difference is with Off-Page SEO. They use high-quality backlinks and social proofs. There are also some other factors that advanced experts handle as well.

Don’t Try To Cheat Google

There is some stuff you should avoid. You don’t want to use the Grey hat or black hat methods. You can get traffic faster and more using these methods, but if Google spots what you are doing, you get banned.

Make sure you are using White hat methods, and you can be sure that you won’t get penalized. You can get traffic easily with these methods, but someday, without any notice, you can see that your traffic gets dropped and you can see that your site is on the penalty list. 

Why You Should Make Your Content SEO-Optimized Even If You Are Using Paid Ads

Even if you are not focusing on SEO, you should still make your content SEO-Optimized. Yes, it can take more time, and you need to do the research, but you get extra traffic from SEO.

If you know an excellent traffic source without SEO, you can go for it. Then you don’t have to make your site or traffic SEO-Optimized, but if you even make a quick keywords research before you start to create content, you have a chance to get traffic with SEO. 

You can also get traffic without worrying anything about keywords naturally. If you type content on your own, you have still chance to get free targeted traffic from Google no matter what traffic source you are going to use. Sure, if your articles are tiny, under 1k words, you have a minimal chance to get traffic from SEO.



Is SEO Worth It? Absolutely! The problem is that if you are not getting ranked, you are wasting your time and your work go in vain.

If you want to learn about SEO, you can learn for free from Youtube or take some paid courses to get a better understanding.

 Don’t use black hat or grey hat methods to get traffic. Focus on White hat methods and obey the rules of Google. Then you make sure that you are not getting penalized at least. 

It’s also possible that you are not getting any traffic even you have excellent articles. Then you need to focus on paid ads like native ads or youtube ads. You need to pay for it, but the traffic is quick and targeted.

SEO traffic is the best traffic you can get. Learn SEO basics on focus on that. The best thing is that it’s free. The downside is that it takes time to get it. 

I hope you get something from this article. Please feel free to leave comments down below. 

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