July 9


Reliv International – Is it a scam or legitimate?

By Pasi

July 9, 2021


In this honest reliev international review I will tell you about this company. You will see if it’s good to invest in this company or avoid it.

Health and well-being are, without doubt, the most saturated niche in which MLMs engage.

You may have heard about Reliv International as you are looking for dietary supplements to use that would stimulate your health.

Or you may have heard of them through a friend or loved one trying to persuade you to join their networking business.

You can have initial reactions of surprise, as they show you potential gains, but still be skeptical — is Reliv International a scam? Is this another pyramid scheme in disguise? Or is this the real thing?

Before we get started, congratulations on taking the initiative of doing a little background check before investing in the company!

In this review, I will do my best to explain Reliv International’s clearing plan and whether you should even consider investing.

So once again, is Relive International a rip-off, or are they legit?

Together, we shall see…


reliv international


What does Reliv International mean?


Reliv International is a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) company that specializes in the health and wellness segment.

I also reviewed other MLMs on health and wellness if you are interested — Unicity, Farmasi, and Atomy, to name a few.

Society has a long history that began 32 years ago in 1988.

It was created by Robert and Sandy Montgomery, His spouse.

In 1982, they met a microbiologist called Dr. Theodore Kalogris. He has developed a formulation for food supplements that include vitamins, herbs, minerals, and proteins.

In other words, the couple adapted Reliv’s flagship products released by Dr. Ted.

MLM’s business model was immediately adapted because they thought it was the easiest way of making the product public.

This isn’t about their product. We focus on their business model to find out whether they are legitimate and a good source of income or not.


The Reliv International Business Opportunity 

One of the characteristics of MLM is the extreme complexity of their remuneration plans.

The incentive plan offered by Reliv International is no exception.

It seems to me they are deliberately trying to mislead people on purpose.

The idea is to avoid other issues and divert their attention simply by showing them their so-called potential gains.

However, to help you better understand, I will do my best to simplify their compensation plan.

There are seven ways you can make a living with Reliv International:

Retail Profits

Wholesale Profits

Override Commissions

Management Incentive Program.

Star Director Incentive Program

Ambassador Encouragement Program.

Paid trips

Retail Profits

There is a 20% to 40% commission when the MLM agent can sell Reliv to retail customers.

The commission depends on the present rank of the members as determined in the distributor’s profit level.

It is calculated by the member’s Personal Group Point Volume (PGPV).


  • Retail Distributor (0-499 SMP) – 20% retail commissions.
  • Affiliate (500 to 1,499 SMP) – 25% retail commissions.
  • Key Affiliate (1,500-2,999 BMPs) – 30% retail fees.
  • Senior Affiliate (3,000 to 4,999 BMPs) – 35% retail commissions.
  • Master Affiliate (5000 plus PGPV) – 40% retail commissions.

However, to stay active and eligible for bonuses, the dealer must maintain a personal volume of 100 or more.

Wholesale profits

It’s a feature common to MLMs, where the distributor buys too many corporate products to qualify for bonuses and commissions.

The term MLM for that is Garage qualified.

This feature offers a commission based on your lower network’s retail Value (VR) purchasing the products.

Retail Value is the amount on which the wholesale profit or discount is based.

It is computed by getting the difference between your level of profit and the level of profit of the lower networks.

For instance, if your profit level is 40% and your lower network is 30%, your fee is 10%.

Override commissions

This is an incentive that mostly pays active members.

The calculation is based on Personal Group Business Volume of the bottom network of Master Affiliates distributors up to 5 depth levels.


reliv international rlv protect


  • First Level: The Master Affiliates that the distributor has personally registered.
  • Second level: Affiliated teachers registered by your recruit.
  • Third level: Master Affiliates entered by the recruit of your recruits.

The list goes on…. You understand.

The percentage you win is as follows:


Level one– 8% commissions.

two – 6% commissions.

three – 4% commissions.

four – 3% commissions.

five – 2% commissions.

However, it must produce a monthly BVMP of 1,000 or more for the distributor to become eligible for this commission.

If, by chance, you were able to produce between 1000 and 1999 PGBV, you will win 50% based on the total generated PGBV.

If it is 2,000 or more, they claim to provide 100% of the total generated by PGBV.


Director Program

After reaching the executive ranks in the Chair, the distributor must win the following:

Manager Lapel Pin Only

Senior Manager:

  • They receive a one-stone pin and a cash incentive of $500.
  • The recipient receives a two-stone lapel pin and a $1,000 cash incentive.
  •  Three Stone Lapel Pin plus a $2,000 cash incentive.

President’s Director – They receive a jewelry inlaid ring and a $4,000 cash bonus.

Is the cash incentive something that excites you?

Well, don’t get too…

As mentioned, MLM is based on recruiting and capitalization.

The health and wellness industry is so crowded that it can be difficult for some to retail or recruit new members.

Also, you may need to buy a lot of their products to keep them active and qualify for bonuses.

It means you pay your commissions. That’s why most of the MLM members lose money trying to earn some!

Star Director Program

There are three sub-characteristics of this incentive package:

Three-Star Director – a distributor, qualifies when he has three active Master Affiliates under his line and can produce 6,000 PGPs at the first level. An eligible dealer receives a 1% fee.

A distributor qualified for this award must have six active Master Affiliates and generate a minimum of 12,000 PGP at the 1st level. The qualified dealer receives a commission of 2 percent.

Ten-Star Director – one distributor, must have ten active Master Affiliates to become eligible for this bonus and produce 20,000 PGPV on its first tier. A qualified member wins 3%.

Ambassador program

The ranking Ambassador to Platinum Ambassador is the only distributor qualified for this incentive feature.

The awards range from:

Customized business gears.

Hairpins and rings.

Some of these are Rolex watches.

Paid tickets and lodging for life events.

Advancement bonus.

Payment of car insurance.

Medical insurance benefit.

Additional dispensation fees.

And so it goes…

I paid for travel incentives.

This is a reward for Relivs Master Affiliates, where they offer paid travel and accommodation to vacation destinations.

For more information on Reliv International’s compensation scheme, click here.

Again, these promises are not something to be turned on because success is sporadic in MLMs.

At MLMs, you will be more focused on recruitment than selling products.

If the products are profitable, why not concentrate on what they sell instead of tricking people into joining network marketing?


How can I apply to Reliv International?

You can register online at Reliv International.

Registration is pretty basic: click the Join button and fill out the necessary information.

Enter the sponsor information if you have one or none.

Then click the Agree button on their general conditions.

Provide the credit information and select Place Order, and finally click the Order button.

That’s it!


reliv international speech


But you have to pay the corresponding amount for your application to pass through.

The application fee is $20.

To remain active, you must pay a $40 annual rate.

Not only this, but there is also a $15 per month fee for online business.

The Website Bundle is optional, but the odds are that you may still have to enjoy it if you want to take your business to the next level.


Can you obtain reliable income with Relive International?

As I mentioned earlier, the success rate of MMPs is extremely rare.

According to research, 98 percent of people who join MLM lose more money than earning anything.

This was discussed in detail in Jon Taylor’s book, Multilevel Marketing Unmasked.

It was also explained that MLMs do not meet expectations for two main reasons: recruiting and capitalization.

A distributor will not make a significant return just by selling the products. If the products are profitable, they will not be required to outsource them.

Employing an MLM business model is how they deal with the competition surrounding the health and wellness niche.

It is profitable because they save money on the marketing costs of advertising or hiring extra labor.

As mentioned, Garage Qualifiers are a particular term used in the MLM world to refer to the tendency to buy too many products to maintain status and become eligible for advances.

It appears that distributors buy their commissions, which prevents them from winning or, worse, losing money.

If you are looking for a safe opportunity, you need to check out my best homework recommendation.


Is Reliv International a scam?

No. Reliv International is not a rip-off or a pyramid.

A pyramid system is purely based on money, and the risk is exceedingly high.

Reliv International is multilevel marketing, which is a fancy name for a pyramidal scheme.

The only difference between the two is legality. MLM is technically legal because they provide value in exchange for your alleged investments.


Something I don’t love about Reliv International


  • Success depends on recruitment: To be successful in MLMs, you must continuously recruit and build your lower network.


  • Low-cost membership fees, but can be costly to maintain: $20 is pretty cheap compared to other MLMs that cost $100 to $500.


  • Maintaining your status or even moving forward can be costly for most individuals.


  • On the one hand, while the website package is optional, you may still need it to stimulate your business.


  • In addition, you must maintain a monthly PV of 100 to remain active in the company.


  • The annual income of the enterprise is gradually decreasing: The company’s yearly revenues are slowly declining, as reflected in the report provided by The Business for Home Organization.


Although some may argue that incomes are still comparatively high, it continues to decline, which is no good sign.

Something I love about Reliv International


  • Long history: It is a mature company with over 30 years of experience. Staying so long in the industry meant they were doing something right on the ground.


  • Note BBB positive: The company is either accredited by the Better Business Bureau or simply the BBB and received an excellent A rating from the same rating agency.


However, garnering such recognition is no conclusive indication that the business is legit.

There are companies accredited by the BBB that have a history of malpractice, even if they have an A rating.

This situation is well documented in a CNN online publication, “Slammed by the Government, A-rated by the Better Business Bureau.”


Final thoughts


I hope my review has provided you with enough information to help you answer important questions such as Is Reliv International a fraud? Or is this a legitimate undertaking?

But if you ask my opinion, I do not recommend Reliv International or any MLM for that matter.

As I have said many times before, MLMs focus more on recruitment than on selling products, giving the impression that it is a pyramid scheme.

Although you get merchandise for sale, essentially, you don’t get any value because you still have to recruit to improve your personal value.

If you want a better alternative, then proceed to the following section.


My #1 recommendation

I spent years looking for the perfect product, and you know what, I can say I didn’t find any.. But… I found a product good enough to advertise it. That is so much nonsense.

You must promote them with paid adverts, or you can do a blog and use free adverts. You will be trained to do so correctly. They have been doing that work for many years, and they know what they are doing.

Sign up for my newsletter, and I’ll send you the corporate link and some information about it. You can sign up for free and purchase a premium if you like it. It’s not an expensive product, and you can get an affiliate commission out of it.

I can also say that there are not many opportunities to conduct business online without having any experience. You have to be an expert, and then you can find jobs online, but if you are a novice or not very experienced as I am, your choices are few. Of course, there are many jobs online, but it is not so simple. You can get a job online quickly, but are you making money off it?












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