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Clickasnap Review – Is it a scam or not?

By Pasi

June 27, 2021

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Thank you for joining me today for our Clickasnap review.

If you like photography, the Clickasnap Platform can offer you both the opportunity to learn more about your craft and make extra cash.

This work from the home site is designed for photographers and offers several ways to make money from your photos.

But how much can you earn as a member of this page, and what are the pros likely to be when you register?

This is what we will find in my Clickasnap review today. But, first, let’s get started by finding out how Clickasnap works.

Clickasnap review: How Does Clickasnap Work?

Clickasnap allows you to upload your photos and make it easier to share them with friends and family or to promote the work portfolio you have for sale.

The site is easy to navigate. In addition, a forum is available on the platform, so you can communicate with other photographers, share tips, and even collaborate on commercial or social projects.

This website is located in the UK and is open to members from all over the world.

The site is intended as a source of income for amateur photographers who want to grow in their craft and earn a few more dollars.

If you are a newcomer to photography and want to profit from it, Clickasnap will be glad to help you.

According to Clickasnap, users see photos on average for 37 seconds. Of course, that is good news, because if you can drive people to the site to view your photos, chances are your balance will grow steadily.

You can upload up to seven photos a week with a free account. However, if you want unlimited uploads and want to start selling your images, you can do so by moving to a professional performance that costs £3 a month.

The Process

  • Upload your photos: After registering, upload your photos/images to the platform and start making money today.
  • Users view your photos: As soon as a user views your photos, you start earning money for every view. 
  • Paid: Once you have reached a minimum threshold of $15, you can withdraw the money via PayPal.

The Pro-Seller Account

Another noteworthy thing about Clickasnap is that you can become a seller here and choose from 1000 products (canvasses, key-rings, downloads, mouse mats, etc.) that you can sell. Some of the best features of a pro-seller account are as follows:

  • Clickasnap has a low commission rate (4%).
  • Display unlimited products in your store.
  • Supports the integration of Pinterest so that your images are automatically uploaded to the Pinterest board.
  • You can promote your profile/photos with 100 free credits per month.
  • You will get unlimited cloud storage to store your photos.

How much can you earn with Clickasnap?

As mentioned in this Clicksnap review, Clicksnap helps you earn in several ways.

You can sell your photos, allow your customers to download them digitally, or be paid every time someone gets an image.

It is important to note if you send bot traffic to your photos, not real viewers, you are not paid and you are not allowed to use the website.

The Clickasnap website says you get 0.25 cents per view of your photos (though the FAQ page says it’s 0.15 cents), so it’s a bit confusing. It may not seem like a lot either way, but you can earn a reasonable amount if you are skilled at navigating traffic.

Creating and building an audience is, of course, not simple. However, having a broad social media following with a committed following will help a lot.

If you have $15.00 in your account, you can request a payment. However, there is no minimum limit on the money generated by selling your photos on the site.

This site has an excellent name for paying its members, so you can be sure that you will get your money.

In other words, another way to make money with your photography is to use your site. You can present your photos to your audience without paying any fees.


Clickasnap review: Why should I use ClickASnap?

There are many reasons that ClickASnap is the right platform for you. Here we have prepared a list of things that make this platform the most reliable for you.

Free to Use

ClickASnap enables you to use the platform and its features for absolutely free. In addition, there are no subscription fees for the free account. However, the free version has some restrictions.

High Payouts

Unlike other photo-sharing platforms, ClickASnap offers high payouts for the views of your photos and the photos you sell using the platform. You will get 0.4 if someone looks at your photos.

Instant Payouts

If your account exceeds the mark of $15, you will be paid within 24 hours if you request the transfer of the earned money to your bank account.

Pro Accounts

If you are a professional photographer and want to make the most of this platform, there are also professional accounts for you. You can choose the pro account to boost your income and explore more of its features.

Clickasnap review: Is Clickasnap legit or a Scam?

I can assure you in this Clickasnap review that while ClickASnap may make you some extra money but for the majority of photographers, it’s unnecessary. Although the PS3 monthly subscription cost isn’t a bad deal when you consider the overall cost, you’re probably better off with other well-established photo websites which simply offer your photos for sale.

This is because, in order to generate the amount of traffic required to make sure that buyers and viewers view your pictures, you’ll require to establish a robust social network and then build your own website to begin seeing real profits. That means the strategies required to help ClickASite succeed could be better utilized by working on your own and creating a website completely from beginning to finish.

This isn’t to say that ClickASnap isn’t worth it. As a part of the overall photo effort, it’s definitely worth PS3 per month to set up an account that is professional, upload some intriguing photos and work with photographers in order to find images for clients that aren’t available yourself. In this regard, ClickASnap can be a useful tool to have to used by professional photographers seeking to expand their business.

For amateur photographers seeking to make just a few dollars, ClickASnap is more problematic. The reason is that the effort to earn an extra few dollars is more than what it’s worth. It’s because selling images online is a lot of competition considering the fact that a lot of people worldwide are doing it. You’re competing with professionals and established photographers So even if have amazing images to sell getting them noticed by the general public will require a lot of effort.

Can I start earning with a free account?

No, you cannot earn with ClickASnap’s free account. Therefore, to start reaching for the views of your photos, you will have to use one of the accounts of the given charge.

Clickasnap review: Pros Of Clickasnap?

  • Payments via PayPal.
  • A responsive team manages Clickasnap that responds quickly to all requests users have.
  • The website is constantly improving, and you can sell either downloads or prints quickly.
  • If you join the site, you will discover they have a marketplace with a search function that makes it easier for potential buyers to find your work.
  • No need to sell photos to make money.
  • Rights to your images. You can upload up to seven images per day with a free account, and even more with a professional report, so you can gradually build your portfolio.
  • The site has protection for every photographer’s work so that no one can use your photos without your permission.
  • All photos for sale are divided into categories, so people who want images for a particular purpose can also shop in this way.

What Are The Cons Of Clickasnap?

    • Clickasnap is a young website and is therefore not yet as popular as Instagram or its competitors. However, it offers many features offered by established sites and has excellent support.
    • The limited earning potential with a free account
    • It could take a while to achieve the minimum wage of $15 with just a free account.
    • Some bad reviews

Limited Marketplace

It’s not really a disadvantage, but an obstacle to selling photographs in general. Photographers who are successful market their images via their own marketing strategies. That is, even though the marketplace available on ClickASnap is niceand easy to access and offers a way to sell your photographs but don’t expect to make a lot of money without doing the additional work required to sell your images.

That would mean creating your own social media network, building an online presence, as well as promoting your services on different platforms. Yes, there is a chance that the ClickASnap marketplace may offer some of your photos however your efforts will be better off if you took your efforts to other avenues.

Poor Impression

One of the more interesting aspects of ClickASnap is the way their site is with regard to images that are available. In the highly competitive world of the photography industry, having an impressive collection of photographs on the very first page is essential.

However, a lot of the images that are featured on the ClickASnap website aren’t very good. The majority are good and some are good however, for the vast part, they’re not on par with other more established photography websites available on the internet. This is very troubling because eye appeal is the primary aspect of selling pictures, particularly for businesses that purchase these in bulk.

It’s not helping it that the ClickASnap website is a bit outdated too. It’s one thing to appear old-fashioned, but it’s quite another to be like it’s an entire decade behind other websites. This could create a negative impression on potential buyers who are seeking distinctive photographs of high quality.

Clickasnap review: How do you get paid?

For every photo you sell and view you get, you will earn a certain amount and it will be credited to your ClickASnap account balance. Then, once you’ve earned $15, you will be able to withdraw your earnings via PayPal.

This is the only payment method they offer, so if you don’t have a PayPal account yet, I would suggest you sign up for one and get it verified before you register as a member of ClickASnap.

Personally, though, I don’t mind if they only offer PayPal as the mode of payment since it is really one of the most convenient payment options around.

If you are interested in more sites that offer a convenient payment method, I would recommend you also check out the top site that pay via PayPal.


It is possible to utilize it on a mobile device?

ClickASnap does not have an app for mobile devices that you can download. However, you can browse the site from your mobile device easily as the site has been designed for mobile usage. It is all you need to do is use the mobile version of a web browser.

This could come in useful especially if you own an ultra-modern mobile device that can take professional-grade images (like the most current iPhone for instance). This way, you’ll be able to simply snap pictures and upload them instantly to the website. This is the most efficient way I’ve come up with that allows you to make the most of their mobile-friendly website.

ClickASnap Review: Key Features

Designed for Professionals

The platform ClickASnap.com is designed for professionals who want to show their creativity to the world. By using this platform, they can even start to generate a certain amount of income from their work.

Intuitive User Interface

The platform is ideal for all types of users. It is free of charge to all and anyone can create an account with no subscription fees.

Free-to-use Platform

The platform allows you to create a free account by simply clicking on the Sign-up button. Simply fill in the registration form and create a free account.

Unique Subscription Plans

There is a free account for amateur photographers. You can create a free account and upload your photos to your computer for free. The professional account is there for professional photographers who want to sell their photos using this platform.

Trustworthy platform

With its reliable user interface and its simple pay structure, ClickASnap.com has gained a huge fan base around the world. You will be paid as soon as you have reached the fixed limit.

Regular Updates

As a new platform for photo sharing, the team of qualified developers is working hard to improve its user interface and integrate new features. The platform is receiving new updates with new features and functions that make it more functional for all.


  • ClickASnap has a dedicated forum, or community, in which professional photographers share their knowledge and answer questions from amateurs to improve their photography skills.
  • Clickasnap is the most reliable platform for sharing photos in the world.
  • The platform is available to both amateurs and expert photographers, which allows them to make money.
  • It is constantly evolving and introducing new features and improvements.
  • It offers the highest quality protection of your photos.
  • You will love their rapid payouts as soon as you reach the minimum threshold.


Clickasnap review: Is Clickasnap Worth It?

I can say in this Clickasnap review that Clickasnap offers amateur photographers the opportunity to make money with their photos without selling one of them.

If you can get people to view your photos, Clickasnap will share with you some revenue they generate from those views.

Selling photos online is unclear, as there is much competition. However, getting people to look at your photos is much easier than selling your photos, even though it is not necessarily easy.

Clickasnap is also designed to help photographers expand their skills. An active forum also enables you to connect and make money.

The nicest thing about community sites like this is that the validation you get to do your best job encourages you to invest in perfecting your craft.

If you are an amateur photographer who has never sold his work, the reception of your first customer can give you a significant boost in self-confidence.

If you like photography and want to share your work with like-minded people and be inspired, you may want to consider Clickasnap.

Clickassnap review: Issues with Clickasnap

Photographers who use a free account are not paid. They can upload photos, but they have to subscribe to a paid version if they want to make money. For this reason, my problem with the quote above is the insufficient complete transparency. I am aware that companies have to do fluffy, persuasive PR but have more respect for the photographer. Please do not assume they can make money without investing in a part of their own.


How much money can I make with this platform?

If you have an extensive collection of images, you can make money by uploading your images on this platform. Simply set up your account and upload your images to the homepage.

There are many ways to make money from this platform. For example, you can sell digital copies of your work online through this platform. Or you can be paid if someone looks at your picture.

According to the terms and conditions of the platform, you will receive 0.25 cents for each view of your photo on the platform. If your account receives $15 credits from the audience, you can withdraw the money earned from your account.

The website has received positive feedback from its users. It has millions of subscribers worldwide who is satisfied with the platform, as they receive money in advance under the rules.

Clickasnap review: Can you get support?

In this Clickasnap review I tell you that If you have any queries regarding the site or have a problem using it, they’ve got an extensive FAQ page that you can look over. It’s possible that you’ll get the answers you’re searching for.

In the event that you don’t locate the answer or answer, you can contact their customer support through the Contact page and submit an account and submitting a support ticket. This is a simple way to get the assistance you require.

So, I’d say they have a solid support system for their customers since they make sure that you’ll always be able to reach them.


Who is eligible to be a member of ClickASnap?

The best thing about ClickASnap is that it’s accessible worldwide. You’ll be able to sign-up as a member no matter the location you reside. It’s all you need to do is attain the age of 18 old age to become an individual member.

To become a member, you just have to fill out the form or use your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account.

The process of registering is easy. It’s as easy as filling out the registration form or you can sign up with the accounts of your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account to sign up.

Once you’ve completed the registration procedure, you are able to sign in to the site and create your profile. You can then begin uploading pictures and grow your profile.

Why should I use Clickasnap to make my photos?

In their spare time, amateur photographers click on different photos. Even ordinary people also have many pictures of animals, birds, nature, etc., on their mobile phones.

The Clickasnap website gives them an identity to improve their online presence. The platform also helps them make money from their work acceptable. Everything is transparent here, making it the most trustworthy platform in this category.

Why go with third parties when you can build your portfolio on the Clickasnap platform? It is a free-to-use platform, and anyone can join it by simply clicking on the Signup button on its website.

Clickasnap Reviews

You don’t get excellent reviews of this company. People complain about it if you search for reviews. However, there are sites like Sitejabber and Reddit where you can read reviews of it. You can still consider it if you like it. Just read reviews, so you know what you can expect from the company.


Clickasnap is a complete, authentic platform. The photo-sharing platform has millions of active subscribers from all over the world. It will take some time to form a new platform, just like Instagram and other media. Nevertheless, photographers can make money by uploading their photos here. 

Is there a better way to make money online?

Yes, I prefer affiliate marketing. You need to promote someone’s product, and you get paid, if people use your affiliate link.

You can join my newsletter and see if you like the done for you system. (Just go forward with the popup ad which you will see or scroll down to the page and add your email if you missed it..) Thanks for reading!


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