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Fiverr Review – Complete Guide – Everything You Need To Know

By Pasi

April 9, 2022

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Fiverr is a platform that provides more than 500 services to 3.5 million users every year. This Fiverr review will help you to find a way through these people to make your space for rapid earning. Also, you will understand the technical behavior of the market easily. If you are new or confused that the fiver deserves your efforts or not, it will never be a problem again after reading this article.

Fiverr Review

Exchanging services with money is easy on Fiverr. If you are willing and able to work while having a skill set you can grow financially. Being a freelancer you can find ways to grow on Fiverr.

Sometimes it makes you wait for your chance and tests your temperament. If you pass these moments, you can join the mainstream. I have also gathered some special methods in this article for new users to grow fast on Fiverr. Let’s start with the basics.

About Fiverr

Fiverr is an online market for services where people sell and buy. Not long ago in 2010 Fiverr was launched with eight services. Afterward, it generated goodwill and people started to trade on Fiverr.

As far as its business value is concerned it has changed and grown every year after its birth. Its estimated revenue is $189.5 million in 2020. The same year Fiverr processed around $699 million in gross merchandise value. A total of 545 employees work at Fiverr.

Some Basic Terminologies

There are different terms in Fiverr, which will be used in the article and are shortly elaborated on.

Gig: A gig is all about the seller. What is he capable of and at what cost he will deliver the fine work. In Fiverr review can be seen at the end of the sellers’ gig. Everything is described in the gig. The seller can choose to work in the mega categories as below

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

You can add a picture and video to the gig. Fiverr says that if a person has added a video to the gig he can have 40 percent more chances to get the order.

Buyer: A person or an organization that purchases the service in the prescribed time period. To be counted as a buyer one has to purchase at least one gig.

Seller:  A person who has certain defined skills and has a published gig on fiver is a seller. He can create as many as seven gigs on Fiverr for different services.

Rating:  Rating tells the seller’s quality of work. It grows as a result of good work. If a buyer is satisfied or happy with the work of the seller, he can rank him high i.e., 4 or 5 marks out of 5. Next time if another buyer visits his gig he will find that the seller has been given a higher rank. This repute can contribute to both ends. The buyer can guess what people think about the seller and he can make a purchase then.


As a seller, you need to take into consideration the three main aspects to get a good rating.

  • Communication level during order i.e., the chat you do with buyer.
  • Provide the service as you are describing in the gig.
  • Is your service so valuable that buyers will return or recommend you?

Only sellers can have the rising talent award. There is a chance that one of your gigs is handpicked only once. If you get a badge, try to be focused and deliver high-quality work on time.

Levels: Level is also another criterion to measure the sellers’ status in fiver. Fiver has generated the levels for sellers as follows

New seller

When you create an account or sign up for Fiverr you got an automatic position or status as a new seller until you become a level one seller. Many new sellers have less knowledge and they have relatively cheaper rates for their services. This can help them kickstart their Fiverr growth.

Level one seller

There is a Criteria to Jump To Level one seller. It has the following requirements.

The seller has to complete 60 days as a new seller. And for this time period, he has to maintain a 4.7-star rating. He also has to 90% response rate, order completion rate, and on-time delivery score.

If you are a new seller You have to complete 10 Orders and earn $400 to go to level 1 seller, no time limit for this requirement.

You should receive no warnings over 30 days.

Level two seller

For level two sellers you need to be an active seller for at least 120 days. Earn $2000 or more and complete 50 all-time orders. All other requirements are the same as they are for level one sellers.

Top-rated seller

It is the highest level one can achieve on Fiverr. Anyone can recognize one’s hard work if he is a top-rated seller. Fiver reviews one’s performance for the last 60 days manually and if he is eligible he is awarded top-rated status.

Fiver requires you to be an active seller for 180 days to be a top-rated seller. Earn $20,000 and complete at least 100 orders.

Fiver review System: In the seller’s gig at the end there is a section of reviews. It shows the reviews of the buyer. It happens when a seller completes the order and delivers it. The buyer sees through the quality of the service and is given 10 days to leave a review. It also allows sellers to share the experience of working with buyers. This review is made public after 10 days of submission. This is how fiver reviews work.

Rising Talent

Fiverr gives the rising talent award to the sellers only. Fiverr review the new sellers manually and picks those who are enthusiastic about work. This is like a badge to the gig. It is for the ease of buyers also; they can find genuine sellers. A seller can have the following benefits if he has the rising talent badge.

  • More exposure in the marketplace
  • More credibility to the quality
  • Fiverr can have you featuring in its projects.


Working On Fiverr

Working on Fiverr is simple and straightforward. One person (a buyer) wants his work done, he finds another person (a seller) who already has published a service package (a gig). For mutual understanding Fiverr has a conversation system (chat) with which a buyer asks necessary questions about his work. If the answer satisfies him he selects the package given in the seller’s gig.

There is a time limit to every order placed and the seller has to complete the order by that time. Otherwise, Fiverr counts it as late delivery, and the gigs rating will go down. Also, on Fiverr reviews can be posted according to the work quality. However, the seller is intimated with the notification of the time limit.

Once you have completed the task you will go to the order page and deliver it. Then this work is left at the buyers’ end. In the Fiverr review, the section is made for sellers and buyers that can be seen by anyone. In these reviews, buyers and sellers share their views about each other. Also, they can rate the work.

How do Fiverr Earns

It actually works as a middle man. Fiverr Charges a fee of 20% from both the Buyer and seller. A seller can have a final settlement then. You can see these settlements in the Earnings section of the seller’s account. The seller can see three stages of payments transfer.

  • Order Revenue
  • Funds Pending Clearance
  • Funds Cleared

You can withdraw cleared funds from Fiverr. One can use A Paypal account to withdraw the cleared amount. Bank transfer or Fiverr revenue card are the other options.

Is Fiverr Secure?

Indeed, some of its services are legit awesome. Fiverr is a genuine site for buyers and sellers. There are some Fiverr fraudulent who will attempt to exploit your business or furnish you with a service that may not be of a similar quality as publicized. However, as described the purchasers can generally check the order and report whether or not it meets the measures. fiver review this activity and de-rank the gig as a warning.

Fiverr is a genuine site. It has customer support that will consistently assist you while settling any issue and will contact you back in 24 hours after you submit a ticket. In the event that the seller does not deliver orders on time, you can either increase the time or get a refund (fractional or full) promptly.

keep in mind that Fiverr is recording Every fund transfer appropriately. Fiverr is SSL certified to ensure the protection of your billing and individual data that you would rather not share with others.

Fiverr additionally offers a simple way of tracking down quality Freelancer. You can see their rating, and level and read reviews from other buyers.

Fiverr has as of late presented a testing strategy for sellers, and you can see whether they passed it. This fixes things a lot more straightforward to tracking down an expert merchant.

Additionally, there is one more process for verification where sellers give data about their schooling and background. Fiver review this info to the buyer to help the buyer.

After reading all of the above information. If you like to sign up for Fiverr you can follow the process below.

Fiverr Sign Up

It is as easy as any other application or software sign-up. The process starts with giving personal information. You can connect through Google or email address to sign up. Give a user name. It won’t change in the future. By activating the account, you can start your journey at Fiverr.

Buying On Fiverr

As it goes, Fiverr allows a buyer to purchase a gig easily. It looks pretty good and simple that a buyer would have his order delivered within a few days (Depending upon gig’s information). But there are things to keep in mind.

As giving a fiver review One should be honest. It’s probably not going to happen that you got an extraordinary gig on Fiver cheaply, as there are not a great number of gigs that cost $5. Nonetheless, there are some situations where you can really purchase a gig for $5 as

A seller is new and he is offering his services at a low cost to work on the rating of the gig and get reviews from the clients. The cost will rise ultimately.

A gig is from an underdeveloped nation and $5 is a huge amount there. That doesn’t imply that all sellers from these nations convey incredible work (by and large, they don’t).

Is Fiver Scam?

No, fiver itself is not a scam. Although it has some principles and rules upon which it works. But there are some users who exploit others from this platform. Being a buyer you have to be beware of them.

I don’t have the foggiest idea how that functions precisely. Yet it is true that Fiverr has anonymous numbers of fake reviews. By requesting orders to be completed from sellers who had a 5-star rating Many buyers have fallen into this snare. So, first Ensure that the seller knows about what precisely you want them to do ahead of time, so there are no disagreeable surprises.

 Tips and Ideas for Fresh Buyers

There are some tips for you if you want to hire a person for good work.

Search thoroughly for the gig and select some of them for the final but more deep look. Then place an order.

Instead of reading all the 5-star reviews, scroll down and look for the negative ones during the search.

Make the list of sellers who have provided you the good work (if any). Make categories of services and separate the sellers.

Don’t rely on ratings always go for the repute of the seller. Level one seller has only completed some orders. Go for a top-rated or search deeply. For instance, You can ask for recent work.

Your responsibility as a buyer is to analyze if the service is eligible enough to benefit your business. Many cases show that the seller just wants to make money. He has nothing to do with your business.

In a great place like Fiverr, you are going to hire a person for cheap services and try to go for various gigs. Check out the work and list suitable work separately. This will save time and money next time you need a service.


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