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Bonvera – Is it a scam? Maybe it’s legal?

By Pasi

July 2, 2021




As you think about whether you should invest in the Bonvera or not, this may be a question that runs through your mind.

Perhaps you have heard about them from a friend who told you how amazing their products were.

When you listen to what they have to say about the products, you also hear what they have to say about the networking aspect of the business.

You might have become curious about it and wanted to know whether it is a reliable source of income.

If this is what you are looking for, then this review is what you are looking for.

As part of this review, I will provide you with all the information you need to make a solid decision on whether this business is a good fit for you.

Again, I would like to ask, is Bonvera a scam, or is there any legitimacy behind them? Let me start by reviewing Bonvera…




How does Bonvera work?


BONVERA is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company that sells health and wellness products.

In 2016, Robert Dickie co-founded the company. The names of the company’s other founders were not disclosed.

Their products include dietary supplements, energy drinks, skincare products, etc.

However, we will not spend a lot of time talking about their products since our primary purpose here is to determine whether their business opportunity presents a reliable source of income.

So let’s continue with my Bonvera review…


The Bonvera business opportunity

Complex and almost incomprehensible compensation plans are the primary characteristics of Multi-Level Marketing.

It is so convoluted that it seems that you may even need an expert financial person to decipher the entire thing.

The compensation plan of MLMs is supposed to be simple because their income streams mainly revolve around two sources—

  • Retail commissions – this is the income that’s based on retail sales.
  • Recruitment – this is the income that’s based on the consultants’ lower network.

Most MLMs intentionally make their compensation plans as complex as possible to prevent potential recruits from asking many questions. Another reason is to conceal the flaws of the business model.

And to ultimately save themselves from further questioning, they just show you how much you would earn.

The compensation plan offered by Bonvera is no different. The business opportunity is nineteen pages long and unorganized. Thus, it makes it even more complicated and hard to understand.

Despite a diligent search for an updated compensation plan (if there are any), I could only find the following PDF file from their website.

To see their complete compensation plan, click here.


Make Money Building A Team


Make Money Building A Team. Building a team is the other aspect of gaining from Bonvera. This approach increases your income potential because you are able to earn a commission based on the sales that people on your team do.


The main system for doing so is called a Unileveled plan. In this type of plan, people in your team are positioned according to who hired who. Someone you recruit will go to your level 1, while someone recruited by them will go to your level 2.


Bonvera uses an easy-to-follow version of this system, where you consistently earn 5% of the volume of the levels under you. These premiums are directly linked to your position in society. In the first rank, apprentice, you can only earn from your level 1. In rank, manufacturer, you win from your level 2.


As is generally the case, there are a variety of bonuses that can potentially increase your revenue. Two examples are leadership depth bonuses and generational bonuses. These bonuses apply only to distributors who have made great strides in the ranks and have extended teams under them.


This general style is common across MLM. This means that the income potential is high, but the chances of that happening are slim. The most important way to optimize your income is to climb the ladder. Although the requirements are not a joke, Bonvera adopts the unusual approach of having two sets of maintenance requirements for most ranks.


bonvera products


Maintenance Requirements

One package is based on your team structure, while the other focuses on the total value of sales. Having two approaches means you end up being less reliant on individual team members. You’re not suddenly going to lose your rank because one of your front-line members is stepping down.


Instead, your rank will only be affected if your team sales decrease dramatically as well. One last point is the business requirements. Being “active” is essential to get waivers from your team members. You may even need to remain active to earn basic commissions. With Bonvera, you need at least five clients who order every month or two Smart Shoppers.


In a sense, it’s a simple requirement because it’s not based on the amount you sell. There’s even a 12-month grace period before you have to start meeting the target. Nevertheless, one should be aware of the activity requirement. It could be very frustrating. Who wants to force people to purchase goods every month?


Bonvera Bonuses


  1. PBV Bonus

This bonus is calculated by multiplying your Bonus Volume (PBV) with something called Percentage Increment.



The percentage of your income class is determined by your total group premium volume (TGBV).


10000 TGBV = 28%

7500 TGBV = 24%

5000 TGBV = 20%

2500 TGBV = 16%

1500 TGBV = 12%

750 TGBV = 8%

75 TGBV = 4%

TGBV = The total BV generated by all your downstream contractors across a limitless depth.


Premium to registered customers.

Get a 50% bonus from your Personal Customer Bonus (PCBV).


The total BDRP amount is added to your Personal Bonus (PBV).


2. Differential Bonus


You pay a bonus calculated on the basis of the difference between your % bracket and the % bracket of each of the entrepreneurs in your downline.


3. Partner Bonuses


Partner Bonus:


Earn a bonus of $1000 per month as long as the following qualifications are met:


Build a team of at least 10.000 BV.

Have at least 2500BV apart from this team.

Obtain partner status.


bonvera page

Sr. Partner Bonus:


Earn $250 on top of the $1000 partner bonus as long as the following qualifications are met:


Build a team of at least 10.000 BV.

Have at least 5000BV apart from this team.

Reach the level of Sr.Partner.

6 • BVr1 to Car Bonus

Receive a $400 monthly car bonus provided the following qualifications are met:



Have an active BVr1 (auto-send order)

Build a Team with at least 25 BVr1 successfully processed.

Have 25 BVr1 commands between your other teams for three consecutive BVr1 cycles (no idea what this means)

The bonus can be applied to a blue or white Lexus, a Lincoln, a Cadillac, a BMW or a half-ton van.


4• National Bonus Pools

Bonvera’s putting the rest of its money into 16 pools.


Pool amounts are divided evenly among those who have qualified for a given pool.


In order to qualify for the National Pool Bonus, you must have at least two teams that generate 10.000BV each and have attained the rank of Professional or above.


What will it cost me to join?


Your initial membership will cost $99.95. However, you may also need to purchase membership packages to advance rankings and earn a higher income.

Packages such as these:

  • $124.99 Starter’s Package
  • Professional Package for $224.99


Is it possible to make a reliable income from Bonvera?


There is a shallow success rate in Multi-Level Marketing.

Based on the findings of the Federal Trade Commission, 98% of people who join MLMs lose their hard-earned money and gain nothing. I am going to look at three points (1).

This is an exciting example that Dr. Jon Taylor extensively discusses in his book, “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked.”

Moreover, it was explained that MLMs fail to meet expectations and are flawed for two reasons:


bonvera sales


The recruitment process

MLM is the bread and butter, or to put it more accurately, it is the lifeblood of the industry.

Most of its income streams come from recruiting.

As newly recruited consultants, the first group of people they may recruit are their family members, friends, or a few acquaintances.

It can be awkward at first for consultants who do not come from a sales or marketing background-those uneasy feelings and thoughts running through your head. If you have ever worked in an MLM, you know what I mean.

The fact that these people know the consultant does not guarantee they will invest in the business opportunity.

That doesn’t work. You may still have trouble selling them, even if you are a good salesperson, because MLMs have gained a bad reputation in recent years and are associated with pyramid schemes. Are you familiar with the name AdvoCare?

If you persist in pushing the business opportunity on them, it might even cause annoyance and resentment.

The challenge becomes even more challenging if they run out of people they know and then try to sell the opportunity to strangers.

Some give up quickly as a result. Either they become inactive, or they stop altogether.



The capitalization of companies 


Garage Qualified? Have you heard of it?

It is a term used to describe MLM consultants who tend to over-purchase company products for personal bonus purposes.

To advance in rankings and potentially earn a higher income, they aim to increase their volumes.

As a result, the consultant runs out of money to fund the business. The result is they become inactive and eventually quit the business.


Although I agree to some extent, MLMs are technically legal because they offer something of value in exchange for your investment.

And these values are in the form of retail merchandise that they may try to sell for profit.

Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, are illegal since they are risky and offer nothing in return.


Something I hate about Bonvera.


Recruiting is the key to success:

The advances and significant gains are based on how you recruit instead of selling the actual products.


Low-income potential:

As I said before, your chances of earning a higher income are very slim. And the probability of experiencing losses is much greater than the profits.


No BBB card at all:

The Better Business Bureau or simply the BBB is how most people check a company’s credibility.


Not having a BBB profile does not necessarily mean that the business is fraudulent in any way. Still, it may have a significant impact on the decision-making of potential recruits.


The things I love about Bonvera.


Money-back guarantee:

They provide a 90-day money-back guarantee in case you are unhappy with the products.




I hope my review has provided sufficient information to answer the question: Is Bonvera a scam? Or are they a dependable source of income?


Although the business is technically legitimate, I still don’t recommend Bonvera or any MLM, for that matter.


If you are looking for a better source of income, proceed to the next section and find out how you can achieve financial freedom…




Is there something that I can recommend?


This is so much nonsense. I spent years looking for the perfect product, and you know what? I can say I didn’t find any.. But… I found a product good enough to advertise.


You must promote it with paid adverts, or you can do a blog and use free adverts. You will be trained to do so correctly. They have been doing that work a lot, and they know what they are doing.


Sign up for my newsletter, and I’ll send you the corporate link and some information about it. You can sign up for free and purchase premium if you like it. It’s not a costly product, and you can get an affiliate commission out of it.


I can also say that there are not many opportunities to conduct business online without experience. You have to be an expert, and then you can find jobs online, but if you are a novice or not very experienced as I am, your choices are few. Of course, there are many jobs online, but it is not so simple. You can get a job online quickly, but are you making money off it?





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