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Amare Global – Is it Legit?

By Pasi

July 2, 2021

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Do you want to know if it could be a lucrative business opportunity for you? We will check how to start with Amare Global as a partner and the price to join. In addition, we will cover how to make money in this business. Finally, by examining their income report, we can determine the probability of success in this MLM.


At the end of this review, you will have a clear opinion about this company (business-wise) and can answer the question of whether Amare Global is a fraud or not.


Some notes before we begin:


1) I am not a partner of Amare Global. 2) I am not a doctor or pharmacist, so you should do your research to know more about the products. The Amare Global Products section (provided below) is only for information purposes. This review aims to provide a detailed analysis of Amare Global from a profit-making perspective.


They offer revolutionary products to balance your body’s chemicals. In other words, their products are designed to support vital psychological factors for psychological well-being.


Fundamentally, their theory is that chemicals causing depression, anxiety, and other negative states of the mind are not necessarily produced in our brain. So, for more than 100 years, people have been targeting the brain to deal with this problem.


However, according to Amare Global’s «revolutionary theory,» it is necessary to concentrate on other parts of the body. Dr. Talbott from Amare Global says the primary target should be our bowel.


That is why Amare Global presents itself as a novelty in nutrition. They sell nutritious products and provide natural solutions to people in the area of mental health.


A note regarding Amare Global founder Dr. Shawn Talbott (Chief Scientific Adviser).

In 2004, he and his associates used “deceptively formatted infomercials to present dietary supplements.”

In agreement, M. Talbott had to give up assets worth $1.12 million.




Is Amare Global an MLM or Pyramid system?


Immediately remove the term “pyramid scheme.”

Pyramid schemes are prohibited in most countries because they rely on the recruitment of new members only. This is the only way to (possibly) generate income.

That means they have nothing to sell. And yet new perspectives are promised to make a lot of money, but the truth is that all money (or majority) is going to the top.


Amare Global is a legitimate MLM corporation that sells products. And since this is an MLM company, they also have this recruiting part, which is when there is much confusion.


It should be clear not to mistake an MLM with a pyramid scheme. But I agree the recruiting portion of any MLM looks like a pyramid plan.

This is why many MLM companies promote their products, and the recruitment portion is a little hidden.


However, when it comes to reality, everyone knows this is the only way to make money.

Even if it is difficult, especially when you are not at your peak.


What is the price?


A lot of people decide to join the MLM business model due to the price of joining. Usually, the costs are less than $100, and people think they can earn four figures in Amare Global A Scam within a few months (This is due to the efficient marketing strategy of their uplink or sponsor).


With Amare Global, you don’t need to join to use their products. Instead, they have three levels, so let me explain them to you.


1) Retail client $0.

Admission is free.

The retail customer receives a fixed rate of $4.99.


2) Preferred Client $24.95.


If you want to become a preferred customer, you must pay $25, and in addition to what the retail customer gets, you can buy the Amare products at a wholesale price (that is 25% off the retail price).

  • In addition, you will earn free product points.


There is also a bonus with your first subscription – you get a free product, and with your order, you can save about $40.


Another incentive is if you refer others to Amare, you also get a free product.


3) Well-being partner $69.95.


As a well-being partner, you will get a free subscription, as well as a complementary product.


Here’s what you get:

  • When you refer others (we will talk about it later), you earn a commission.
  • You are entitled to incentive trips.
  • You also get a free personalized website (including an app and back office, so you can make some changes to your website)

These are the benefits.


You are not told right away that as a Wellness Partner, you must maintain at least 100 Personal Volume (PV stands for a total volume of orders within a month) to be considered an active member.

And you also have to earn commissions for this month.

Otherwise, you are considered “inactive.”


 Amare Products



Normally, the products offered by any MLM company are slightly more expensive than competitive products. Take 4Life, for example, where its almost identical products can be found at Amazon at a better price.


As with Amare Global, there is no entrance fee.


Amare Global provides products that target the gut-brain axis, as described above.

Some of them would be nice to see.


There are five classes:


1) Fundamentals


Products, such as MentaBiotics, Mentafocus, and MentaHeart.

The MentaBiotics are their crucial product to adjust the intestine as part of the intestinal-brain axis. In the opinion of Dr. Shawn Talbott, it is like having four different products in one package (Probiotic Blend, Prebiotic Blend, Phytobiotic Blend, and Digestion Performance).


The price for the featured product (mentabiotics) is $74.95. If you opt-in, you get a 10% discount ($66.95).


2) MentaTherapeutics


There are five products in this group (Reboot, Mood, Energy, Relief, and Sleep). These are meant to help with your mood and mental energy. The relief should support the body’s natural pain response system, and after sleep, you should get a quiet rest.


The price of the Reboot is $21.95 (after the discount), and sleep costs $53.9 (the retail price is $80).

Sleep has 30 capsules, and you should take two capsules per day.


3) MentaEssentials


In this section, you will find two sub-sections, Premium Nutrients and GBX (bowel-brain axis) food.


Premium nutrients are probiotics, digestive, or omega. All of them cost $40 retail price. After the discount, the prize is $26.95.


GBX Food is expected to increase microbiome balance. This is because they work together to feed healthy intestinal bacteria.


4) Amare Kids


The same product category assumes to support the entire gut-brain axis of growing children and adolescents.


Two packs of children’s basics cost $119.90 for their favorite customers. It has 30 portions per container.


5) Amare Gear


This is a different section of the products and contains bags, shaker bottles, sleeping masks, cups, tablecloths, or exercise books.

The Amare Rolling laptop bag (up to 16 inches) costs $79, for example.



Amare products may be purchased individually or in bundles.


Amare - more products

How can I make money on Amare Global?



It is usually not easy to make money in an MLM company. Is Amare Global a Scam?


In general, only 1% make money, and the rest either lose money or break even.


Amare Global provides expensive products. And although they say their supplements are revolutionary, it’s just marketing to sell more products.


By now, you already understand that theoretically, there are two ways to make money.


To sell the merchandise.


Build your team – your bottom line.



Now you have the first option: you will receive a 25% commission for each product you sell. How many of them do you need to sell to earn at least the minimum wage? The hourly rate is $7.50, and the weekly rate is $300.




You must sell 12 products per week to reach that level of income. So it’s nearly two canisters a day.


If you know many people, it can be fast in the first or second month.


I would say that 50% of people will say that it has no effect and will not buy any more of your products.


You would have to hustle more in order to maintain that income.


Eventually, you will realize that the only way to earn more is to recruit distributors.


But remember, you only get a 5% commission from your downline.


Another disadvantage is the 100 PV. We have already covered this point in the preceding section.


Whatever you rank, the 100 PV must be achieved.


I think that’s a significant drawback. The fact is, monthly is not the same. Life happens, and if you can’t keep the 100 HP, you should buy the stuff yourself to maintain your position.


As I said, most people are not born with solid marketing skills. This means that even if they work hard, they can quickly lose money, and the amounts of supplements increase in their home.


I find this extremely stressful and frustrating. And the company has no training for you.


Will Amare products benefit you?


I have no idea. You will need to do the product search yourself.

Do they cost a lot? Yes, they do

Genuine exercise and wholesome food are cheaper.


Is Amare Global the suitable business model for you? I’m almost sure it’s not.


It isn’t easy to make money like – Amare rep. And that’s because you won’t work.


That’s the system – how it operates. But, first, you should recruit more people. In other words, you should build one. That’s your bottom line, so they can develop their team to make your life decent.


Now, if this is not stressful for you, you can go ahead.

But I know I was in a similar system (this was a financial corporation). It was tough to talk to people about contracts I didn’t initially believe in.





I’m not an expert in nutritional products or mental wellness. But I agree it is essential to eat healthy food, plenty of vegetables and fruits, if possible, without any genetic modification.


When the body receives adequate food, it has a positive effect on our mind.



My online business background.


I did online marketing for years on a part-time basis, and now I’ve put more effort into it. This means you have to work hard, as you have to do articles and do more and more content all the time.


If you use paid methods, you can truly promote my #1 recommendation online. You still have to learn how to use paid ads, like YouTube ads and Facebook ads, and you need to make a capture page for email collection. Then you can simply email your clients with an autoresponder automatically. That doesn’t sound like rocket science. Anyone can do this after a short training period. Try it, and you’ll see how it works. You can then work and earn thousands of dollars from your home.

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