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Lifevantage Review – Is Lifevantage a MLM Scam or Legit?

By Pasi

June 25, 2021

Lifevantage Review – Is Lifevantage a Multi-Level Marketing Scam or Legit?

Someone has just introduced you to Lifevantage and claims that it’s a multi-level marketing company that lets you make money when you want by becoming your own boss. But, you are wondering if Lifevantage is just another junk of scam or worth it? Well, it’s not a bad thing that you feel skeptical about Lifevantage at first. Probably, you may have been scammed by some other multi-level marketing companies in the past. MLM companies with juicy promises that only squeezed your last drop of hard-earned money from you without fulfilling any of their supposed promises. And now, you are not your own boss as they claimed, and neither have you made that $50,000 monthly recurring revenues you were promised. Sighs!

It’s so annoying that you are still searching for ways to become your own boss even when you thought you already had the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Well, before you jump on the new multi-level marketing deal in town, “Lifevantage,” we have curated a list of helpful information in this unbiased Lifevantage review. This honest information should help you decide if it’s a Yay! or Nay! Real! or Fake! Scam! or Legit!

Ready for the ride? Then, let’s get straight to it!

What is Lifevantage Multi-Level Marketing Company?

LifeVantage is a health and wellness multi-level marketing company. They offer health products that are claimed to help your body function as efficiently as possible for better health and longer life.

It’s a Utah-based health and wellness company founded by entrepreneur Darren Jenson in 2003. Their aim is the creation of natural supplements to help people live a healthy life while they also make money.

What they claim to do is simple and easy to understand. They create healthy supplements from plant extracts and other healthy ingredients. They offer you a healthy choice of living and an opportunity to make money promoting or marketing these products.

Is Livfevantage a Pyramid Scheme?

Literally, NO! Lifevantage is not a pyramid scheme and doesn’t seem like it will end up being one in the long run. However, the model in which this company operates is transparent enough for you to know if they are a pyramid scheme in disguise. Although they promise to help you make money by leveraging on the sale of their health supplements, the truth is that it’s not easy money. So, it’s a No! No! for you if what you are looking for is a system that throws easy money at you while you sleep.

Lifevantage has a system that lets you earn commissions on the sale of its products. It’s as easy as that. You buy Lifevantage health supplements at a 20% discount, sell them to friends and family, and enjoy commissions and other added value bonuses.

Like other multi-level marketing companies that only let you make commissions from recruiting new members, Lifevantage works differently. You can introduce people to this program to help them get health supplements to use or make money from while you get a commission, and you can decide not to. It’s a flexible system that lets you earn whatever way you choose: no hidden system, no gimmicks.


Is Lifevantage a Legitimate Company?

Technically, Yes! Lifevantage has been around since 1988. So, they are far from being a new face in the multi-level marketing niche. If you are just getting to know about the company, it’s okay. But, the truth is that they have been around for over 3 decades. They wouldn’t have survived that long if they hadn’t been a legitimate company.

Also, they offer a clear and viable way to earn money and with easy to comprehend guidelines on how to do so. A lot of Lifevantage reviews also back this claim.

Lifevantage’s business model is reasonable enough compared to every other multi-level marketing company. They do not promise to help you make thousands of dollars without showing you how to.

It is important to emphasize that they are not a get-rich-quick scheme. You won’t become a billionaire in one night with Lifevantage’s multi-level marketing program. Every commission you will earn requires hard work, dedication, and consistency on your part.

If you already have a profile in the health and wellness niche, then this could be a great opportunity. You can leverage on this to make some extra income while you keep doing what you love.

Facts about Lifevantage You Need to Know

Name: LifeVantage

Founder: Darren Jensen in 2003

Type: Health and Wellness MLM

Company: Public

Price to Join MLM: $50

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Products: Dietary supplements, skincare

Website: www.lifevantage.com



How does Making Money with Lifevantage MLM Really Work?

Lifevantage allows anyone to sign up as a distributor of their products from about anywhere in the world. Lifevantage claims to give 20% discount on all products you buy, while you also enjoy commissions on every product you sell.

To be a part of the Lifevantage multi-level marketing program, you need to signup and indicate your distributor if any. Then, fill an application form expressing your interest.

Once you are done with these steps, you will have access to your distributor dashboard. This is where you will make your first Start Kit purchase. The Starter Kit costs $50 plus applicable shipping and taxes.

Your first purchased Starter Kit should include product samples, a company decal, opportunity DVDs, and marketing tools/materials. This should help you introduce others to the product line effortlessly.

Lifevantage only recognizes and gives commissions and other bonuses to active distributors. Being an active distributor on Lifevantage means that at the end of every month, you will need to have accrued a minimum of 100PV. PV in this context stands for Personal Volume.

Lifevantage has a listed Personal Volume (PV) for every product on its website. Let’s take a few products as a case study. TrueScience Invigorating Shampoo is worth 27 PV, while the famous Protandim Dual Synergizer is worth 80 PV. To remain as an active distributor, you may need to sell at least 1 Shampoo and a Dual Synergizer monthly.

Now, you can choose to reach this monthly PV from your monthly sales if you can. But, you can also leverage on the people you refer to the program to get to that mandatory monthly PV.

If you have enough customers within your network, then a minimum of 40PV can come directly from your personal purchase. While the rest comes from your network at the end of the month. Remember, we are not holding any information back in this honest Lifevantage review. Read on!

What is LifeVantage MLM Compensation Plan?

Lifevantage has levels/tiers that determine what you can earn as a distributor. Therefore, according to the Lifevantage compensation plan, there are 7 main ways that you can make money.

  1. Smart Start Business: Commissions will be paid out to you on every product you sell to your personally enrolled customers. This type of commission is paid out weekly.
  2. Launch Bonus: When a new customer or distributor joins your network, Lifevantage pays you a launch bonus. This commission is also paid out weekly.
  3. Unilevel Commission: These are the commissions earned from recurring sales within your network. This form of the commission is paid out monthly.
  4. Generational Matching Bonus: Earn a percentage of your personally enrolled Distributor’s Unilevel commissions (paid monthly).
  5. Elite Bonus Pool: All Distributors who qualify for Elite Rank may be paid out of the Elite Bonus Pool. This includes 4% of the company’s total global commissionable sales.
  6. Achievement Bonus: Master Pro 10, Executive Pro 10, or Presidential Master Pro 10 will receive a one-time bonus of $100,000–$500,000. This bonus is paid over 12–24 months.
  7. Business Centers: Those who reach Premier PRO 5 can apply for an additional Business Center, which adds an extra level of commission on purchases.

These are the 7 commission plans on Lifevantages. Of course, what you earn depends on how much work you are ready to put in. If you can grow your network with loyal customers and contributors, then making $500,000 from Lifevantage is not cliché.

Are Lifevantage Products any Good?

Lifevantage reviews from customers who bought and tried their products have been amazing. Some of their most popular products are on e-bay and Amazon. And thier customer’s feedback on these products is encouraging. This means their anti-aging supplements are popular and do exactly what they claim to do. It becomes a lot easier to sell what works for people. Therefore, making consistent sales with these products shouldn’t be a problem.

They have a comprehensive collection of health supplements that you can start using or selling to make profits. But here are some of the most popular Lifevantage products you may be interested in knowing.

  • Protandim Tri-Synergizer: This three-pack includes a 30-day supply of Nrf2, NrF1, and NAD Synergizers. They help your body detoxify, support its natural abilities to repair itself, improve energy efficiency. And also boost mental focus, among other benefits.
  • Ultimate Stack: This kit includes a thirty-day supply of six products designed to optimize your gut health. This helps you get the maximum nutrient content from your food: Protandim Nrf2, NAD, and NF Synergizers, Omega+, ProBio, and PhysIQ.
  • TrueScience Hair Care System: You’ll receive a month’s worth of TrueScience shampoo, conditioner, and scalp serum.
  • PhysIQ System: This three-piece kid included whey protein, a prebiotic powder. The PhysIQ Fat Burn, and proprietary blend of citrus green coffee seed extract to rev up your metabolism.
  • Petandim for Dogs: This daily supplement claims to help dogs fight oxidative stress to have healthier joints and a shiny coat.

All distributors also qualify for the monthly price for every order, regardless of whether they sign up for auto-ship.

Shipping is free for all subscribers and distributors or any orders over $100. In addition, you can return any unopened products and marketing materials to the company. Full refunds will be made within 30 days of purchase.

These products are always on demand as they attend to some of the most common health problems. It’s a bonus if you already own health, fitness, or wellness brand. Marketing Lifevantage products could set you on the path of earning passive income without doing any serious work.

The Pros of Lifevantage

In this Lifevantage review, we’ll list some crucial reasons why joining Lifevantage could be a good idea.

  • The joining fee is relatively low, with a Start Kit purchase of $50. Some MLM companies will require a signup fee of up to $100 – $500 and still end up not being legit at the end of the day. Money wasted. With the initial startup fee of $50, you’ll find it easier to decide if you want to continue doing business with this company or not.
  • Most commission payments are weekly based. So you don’t have to wait forever to know if Lifevantage really pays its distributors or not. All you have to wait is just one week. Most scam MLM companies will promise you a payment plan of 1 – 3 months—just enough time to milk you of your hard-earned money and leave you with nothing.
  • They have an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB). Lifevantage operates an open business with customer feedbacks and reviews available almost everywhere you look. To see what customers think of this company on the BBB platform, click here to read some honest Lifevantage Reviews.
  • Long term users experienced positive results
  • Their products have been found to lead to improvements for those with chronic pain or auto-immune disorder.
  • They are a proven company. They have been in operation since 1988 till date. With the ease of access to online information about just about anything, Lifevantage would have been out of business a long time ago if they ran a scam business or pyramid scheme. Lifevantage has been in business for 33 solid years. That’s not something to take with levity.
  • Charity work. Lifevantage has always given back a portion of profits made from their business activities to charity. These charity organizations are not ghosts. This adds to the fact that Lifevantage is real, has an identity, and runs a free and fair business while also keeping to its promises to stakeholders.

The Cons of Lifevantage:

In this Lifevantage review, we will also like to inform you about some cons of joining the Lifevantage MLM company.

  • Not a get-rich-quick scheme. The big truth is that you need to be as realistic as possible when thinking of joining Lifevantage MLM company. They are not a get-rich-quick scheme. They do not promise you free money or easy money. Everyone at any level of distribution can earn from their independent activities on Lifevantage. But, if you want to make even more, then you’ll need to put in work to move up the tier levels. This could mean selling more products to your customers or telling more people about the company.
  • To increase your weekly or monthly commission, you may need to have more network of customers and distributors. It is possible to earn good commissions working alone and independently on Lifevantage. But, to increase your weekly or monthly commissions, you may need to have more direct customers you sell products to. Or have new distributors register through you. It’s not a mandatory step to making money on Lifevantage. It’s just an easy way to scale up your commission rate.
  • You need to stay active with at least 40PV to earn commissions. Lifevantage doesn’t want inactive members or distributors. So, to keep your account in an active state and get qualified for weekly and monthly commissions, you may need to get at least 100PV’s per month, with just 40% coming directly from you.


Is Lifevantage Worth the Risk?

Firstly, deciding to join Lifevantage is not a risk. Lifevantage is not a donation platform or peer-to-peer funding system. Therefore, it is almost impossible to lose any money you invest in Lifevantage. The reason is simple and obvious.

You pay to purchase health supplements that you can either sell to make juicy commissions. Also, you can decide to use these products instead of selling them. You will be buying them at a cheaper rate than if you are not a distributor.

If it’s about getting paid, Lifevantage has been proven to pay their distributors without excuses. There are Lifevantage reviews everywhere that validate their payment proof. Whatever you make depends on how much you can sell the supplements you purchase from their company.

It works more like an affiliate marketing system. You market a product that has been proven and tested. And every time you do this, you get a commission whenever anyone buys that product through you.

So, YES! Lifevantage is totally worth the risk.

Are Lifevantage Products Clinically Approved?

Lifevantage MLM does not sell drugs. What they market are supplements that are beneficial to mankind. And Yes! According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA), most of their products have been clinically tested. And even comply with certain laws, according to Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

There is some science presented on the official website that supports the results to be expected from their products.

The Protandim NRF2 Synergizer, for example, had actual studies conducted on it. These studies prove that this health supplement can activate the NRF2 protein. This means they can provide protective antioxidant enzymes, and reduce oxidative stress levels up to 40% in only 30 days.

Also, there is substantial research that supports the antioxidant ingredients in this supplement. These ingredients include grape stem/fruit, quercetin, coenzyme q10, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea, and milk thistle.

90% of these products are made from healthy organic ingredients that do exactly what they claim they do. So, Yes! To some extent, the products sold on Lifevatage are clinically tested, approved, and found to be effective.



Customer Feedbacks on Lifevantage

It’s been an amazing run for Lifevantage since their emergence in 2003. A large number of customers who bought their products have testified to the efficacy and effectiveness of these products. There are honest Lifevantage reviews on their official website and social media pages. Lifevantage has been a flagship supplement MLM company since 2003. They have never failed to stay through to its mission which is helping everyone live a better healthy life while making money alongside.

Top products from Lifevantage have rivaled the best supplements in the market since its emergence. Also, they have gained more popularity than you’d imagine.

Distributors of Lifevantage products have also claimed to have been paid exactly how the system says it works. No hidden charges, subscriptions, or unexplained fees.

Final Verdict on Lifevantage MLM

Lifevantage MLM is not a scam, neither is it a pyramid-based scheme. Lifevantage has a clear and concise motif to help people acquire sound mind, body, and soul while also enriching their pockets. If you’ve worked as a sales rep or ever sold anything before in your life, then you already have all it takes to be a distributor with Lifevantage MLM company.

No special training is required to set you on the path to success. Every tool and tips you need to become successful in your business will be shared with you as a part of your first starter kit purchase. The startup fee is relatively low. Therefore, joining the platform shouldn’t be a problem.

You do not have to wait forever to get to the bottom line about this life-changing opportunity. All you need is a week, and you will be 100% sure that it’s a no-gimmick system that truly pays what they claim to pay their distributors.

So, if you are looking for a legit and realistic way to make some extra income online, then, Lifevantage could be a really nice place to start your journey to financial freedom online.

Now, what step are you taking next? Get yourself a starter pack and start earning juicy Lifevantage commissions or continue searching for Lifevantage Reviews?  Well, it’s up to you. But, if it’s by what the numbers and people are saying, then don’t sleep on this life-changing opportunity.

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