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Cashmagnet App – Can You Really Make Money With It?

By Pasi

June 26, 2021

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A major advantage of the Cashmagnet app is that it rewards its users with passive income.

It goes without saying that passive income is a form of income that you can earn without working. Developers of this app claim that you will receive a payment from them when you run the app on your phone.

In CashMagnet, it is claimed that you have the opportunity to earn money without performing specific tasks.

We want to find out how much you could earn by using this app before knowing how it works.

Cashmagnet App: How Much Can You Earn?

I say in this cashmagnet review that the maximum amount of money you can earn in a day depends on various factors, including location, type of phone used, number of games installed, and how long the app has been installed.

Additionally, it appears that subscribers from countries such as the USA, UK, and Canada earn more points faster than those from other countries.

Amounts of points you can earn in a day are limited to 500 per device, which corresponds to 50 cents. You can however, use up to 4 phones per IP address if you wish.

This means you should expect not more than $15 in a month for each phone.

Additionally, members are categorized into levels, which determine their earnings (level 1 is the lowest while level 6 is the highest).

To climb the levels, you must allow the app to install as many games as possible. After level 3, members can install apps and games on their own.


How The Cashmagnet App Works

I expain in this cashmagnet review that the Cashmagnet app executes a script in the background if you do not use your phone. The application is only available to Android users. The developers also state you have 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage.

However, the app cannot be found on Google Play. Instead, you will need to go to the Cashmagnet website and download it there.

The script automatically installs games on your phone and searches for ads, generating traffic for advertisers.

To earn, you do not have to view these ads or play these games. So long as the program runs on your Android device, the app automatically performs all these actions while awarding you with redeemable points every 5 minutes.

Who Uses CashMagnet App?

You will see in this cashmagnet review that the CashMagnet app is designed for people looking for ways to make money online, and also owns an Android-powered device.

The app offers you the opportunity to make money online, and the best thing is you don’t have to do anything.

Simply install the app on your device, press a button, and it will do the rest. But this opportunity is only available to Android-powered devices.

So if your device does not use Android as its OS, you will not participate in this opportunity.

You are paid in points you can redeem for various rewards. In the next section, I will discuss in more detail how the CashMagnet App works.

Level Up:

  1. You can level yourself up with the app. When you first install the app, you’re on Level 1. To reach Level 2, you will have to download and install three games on your phone. If one of the games is deleted, you return to Level 1 until you install another game.
  2. The app consists of four levels. To achieve Level 3, the company suggests you view its video.
  3. If you want to achieve Level 4, you will have to install five apps on your device. The apps appear in the offering part of the app. You have to view the ads, and then click on the Google Play Store to download and install the app on your device.

What Does The Application Do?

  1. The application uses your phone like a bot.
  2. If you have the phone connected, the company can now visit various ads from your device, click on ads and earn money.
  3. In addition, you grant the company permission to download and install various apps on your mobile device. You don’t have a say in what’s installed on your device.
  4. The website says they will only use your phone to visit safe websites and install safe apps on your device.
  5. Every time the company uses its mobile phone to click on ads, banners or visits a website, it earns money from its sponsors. In return, the app shares part of this revenue with you to allow you to use your phone.
  6. The company recommends your phone be hooked up nightly and allows you to use your device. The longer the phone is in use, and the more often the company can use your device, the more points you will earn in your account.

How To Increase Your Earnings With Cashmagnet

I tell you in this cashmaget review that it is a smartphone app like other smartphone apps, in it runs a two-level refer-a-friend program that gives you an opportunity to earn extra income.

You will receive 5% of the earnings of your level one referrals and 5% of the earnings of your level two referrals.

It is also possible for you to increase your earnings by installing and running the app on up to four different devices together, without any restrictions. You will, however only earn 500 points per device per day.

Redeeming from CashMagnet App:

CashMagnet App uses points for currency, and these points can be converted into PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin or Ethereum using the CashMagnet App. It is estimated that about 1000 points are equal to $1.00. The minimum amount you can cash out is 5500 points for $5 in PayPal cash.

The delay in getting the cash is significant. You can expect to receive the cash within a month. 

A gift card from Amazon is the following:

The value of 10,000 points is equal to $10

A total of 24000 points equals $25

In order to use PayPal, you must:

5,500 points = $5

10,500 points = $10

26,000 points = $25

51,500 points = $50

From the Home screen, tap on the three horizontal bars located on the top left part of the screen. A menu should pop up. Tap on “Redeem”.



How Are You Paid?

  1. Before you can withdraw, you must accumulate 1000 points in your account.
  2. The company enables you to redeem your points for PayPal cash, Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Playstation Gift Cards, Strem Gift Cards or recharge cards for your mobile phone.

Pay-Outs At Cashmagnet

CashMagnet has one of the lowest payout thresholds at only 1000 points ($1). You can earn a maximum of $0.50 per day means you can cash out after a minimum of 2 days.

CashMagnet App is a legitimate opportunity to passively make money

CashMagnet is a mobile app that provides people with Android devices with the opportunity to make money online.

You don’t have to do anything. Simply install the app on your device, push a button and it will do the rest. The app pays points you can redeem for various rewards, including cash.

Based on what I have seen so far, I can say that this opportunity is legitimate. You can really make money with this app by simply installing it on your Android device.

Many people have also confirmed that the app has paid them, so you know you will be paid. However, there are also issues and complaints about this opportunity.

The biggest problem is that CashMagnet needs root access to your device. Another problem is that the app tends to freeze and crash when you do other things on your device.

The Pros Of The Cashmagnet App

• It offers a simple way to make money on the Internet

• It is easy to use and has a low payout limit

  • Can be installed on several devices to increase income potential
  •  It has a two-level referral program for referral friends

The Cons Of The Cashmagnet App

  • The rewards are capped at approximately 500 points per day (per device).
  • Potential for low-income earners
  • There are many bugs in the app; this affects the way it works.
  • The application is only available for Android devices
  • It takes 30 days for the payment to be made after you have requested it.

Do I Recommend the CashMagnet App?

I say in that cashmagnet review that, after learning more about the CashMagnet app and what it can bring to the table, I would say I don’t recommend this opportunity, but you could still check it out if you want.

The opportunity to make money passively is difficult to pass on, but you could still check it out and see for yourself whether what they offer is enough to overcome the problems.

Now the reason I don’t recommend it entirely is the interminable wait to get your reward. Granted, not everyone experienced this.

So I think this opportunity could be a waste of time, especially if you are one of the unlucky ones who must wait six months or more just to get a $5 reward.

I also don’t like that they need root access. This type of access is too much, as our devices contain much personal and confidential information. Giving someone too much access does not sit well with me.

So if you have any problems with these problems, perhaps it is best to look for a different opportunity.


You may wonder if you should trust apps that promise to pay you money only for accessing your phone in this era of online fraud and identity theft. Most people are concerned about it.

Given Cashmagnet app requires root access to your phone, you might consider the app should at least reward its users.

Despite the suspicions and concerns these issues raise for some, Cashmagnet is a legitimate app.

By installing sponsored games and running ads in the background while not using your phone, the app makes money. Then, in turn, you can get paid just for allowing the app to run on your phone.

Taking all these factors into account, you might feel the Cashmagnet app is worth a shot.

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